Friday, April 25, 2014

Hannah is 1!

Well, I am a little behind with blogging, but the great news id that birthday season at the Moore house is officially over!  I took down the last crepe paper this morning--whew!  3 birthdays is 3 weeks is too many!  But at least they were all lovely, and no one was sick!

My little Hannah Banana is a year old!  I can hardly believe it!  She is a sweet, fun, and spunky girl, that is for sure!  She is growing up so much.  Just last night I switched over her drawers to mostly 18 month clothes!  She usually demands to be treated pretty much like the other kids, and she is pretty sure she can do anything they can do!  I am a little sad that my last baby is essentially not a baby anymore!  End of an era!  But she is a delightful one year old, that's for sure!

Hannah had a great birthday.  We celebrated the night before, since Michael was going to be gone at school until very late on her actual birthday.  She figured out the whole wrapping paper thing (eventually) and ate her cake very politely with a fork.  She only poked at it with her fingers a couple of times, and then she was over it!  She was mostly excited for the bath she got afterwards! 

On her actual birthday we went to a play group with friends and cousins where AnnaMarie brought cupcakes and a birthday hat for the birthday girl, and we had a fun time celebrating.  Hannah had a great day, complete with blueberries, a sucker, playing outside (it was a pretty lovely day weather-wise!) and doing lots of playing with Momnmy.  It was a great first birthday for her!  Low key but full of fun and good things!

Here are a few tidbits about Hannah at one:

-This girl LOVES drawers.  Ohmuhgoodness, nothing is safe anymore!  She goes through and tosses everything out with such delight that it is both adorable and maddening at the same time!

-Hannah is walking!  She doesn't usually use it to get around all the time, but occasionally she does.  She doesn't like to perform, however, so she won't usually show off her skills for other people or for the camera.

-She has a plastic toy lion and tiger, and if you ask her what they say, she does a pretty cute quiet growly roar.  However, if you ask her what a cow says, she will also roar.  Same with duck.  We are working on expanding her animal sound vocabulary.

-She likes to dance.  She wiggles her little bottom and bounces around.

-She does this thing where if she is sitting on a hard floor, she will keep her bum in one spot, and rotate her feet around until she has done a full circle.  Sometimes she will just keep going and going with a huge smile on her face!

-Hannah finally has a tooth!  We affectionately refer to it as "snaggletooth".

-Daddy is still her favorite.

-If anyone has a cup anywhere in her line of sight, she will demand to have one.  A sippy cup will not do.

-Hannah is in love with crackers.  If I am feeding her a nice healthy delicious lunch (let's pretend this happens every time) and she somehow catches a glimpse of a cracker, or a box that looks like a cracker box, or if she hears something resembling the word "cracker" she has a total meltdown until she has one in her hand.  They are her favorite food by a mile.

-Hannah has some words!  She is great at "Mama" "Dada" "hi" "no" and something resembling her siblings' names, and she sort of says "binky" "milk" "cracker" "balloon"  "hug"  "nose" "stinky" "diaper" and "bath".  Last night Michael tucked her into bed and he came back out sawing, "Aw, she can communicate!  She asked for a binky and a cup of milk!"  So, she's getting more verbal, folks!

-The bathroom is still her favorite place to be.  She loves to take baths so so so so much!

-She is doing a lot better with sleeping.  Still not perfect, but pretty good!

-She loves to play this game with me where I crawl around a piece of furniture and she tries to follow me, but i poke my head out at her before she catches up to me.  She just laughs and laughs and hugs me.  It's super sweet.

-She is pretty much a non-snuggler now.  I miss it.

-When we kneel for family prayers, she will often kneel and fold her arms with us.  It's pretty adorable.

-She loves dogs.  She tries to smooch them all the time.

-Hannah is usually super intense about whatever she is doing.  She does things 100%, a lot like Calvin in that respect (go here and read the first little bullet point)!

So that's a little about my sweetie pie at 1!  I'm so grateful to have her.  Here are a lot of pictures to prove it!

Opening presents!  The kids were so excited to watch her!

Sitting in her new rocking chair:

Figuring out wrapping paper:

Silly girl:

Duckie book!

Cake time:

Singing "Happy Birthday"

She was entranced by the candle:

Daddy helped her blow it out, although she did try!

Using a fork like a proper little lady:

Yelling at her cake like a crazy woman:

Sharing with Mommy:

She always wants the camera:

Birthday blueberries:

Birthday sucker!  Sometimes she looks so much like Ryan as a baby, it's crazy.

 Do you see what I mean???

Anyways, back to Hannah.  1 year old pictures with her new chair!

She's so big!

I love this silly face:

And this one:

Hey, look!  Snaggletooth!

So excited!

In her 12 month shirt:

She just really does always want that camera!

And finally those monthly photo shoots have drawn to an end!  Here's the end product!

We sure love you, Hannah!  Happy Birthday, sweet baby!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Visit From Reeny and Marcy!

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to have Reeny and Marcy drop by and spend the afternoon with us!  Oh how I love having family close enough to visit!    We LOVE Reeny and Marcy and their whole family.  All of Michael's aunts are so loving and so sweet to our kids.  I don't have words to describe how grateful I am to have married in to such an amazing family, and I'm so glad to live close enough to enjoy it! 

So Reeny and Marcy spent the afternoon with us, playing with the kids, handing out the fun toys a treats they brought along for them, treating us to a delicious homemade taco dinner (Marcy makes a mean pico de gallo), and just laughing and chatting.  It was such a great afternoon!  I wish we could have hung out for longer, but they were in town for some shopping for one evening and then back to Wisconsin the next day!  I consider it a pretty huge mistake that last August was the first time I went to visit the Brackets since we've lived here--I missed out on 3 years of totally awesome treks over to Green Bay!  It's not a mistake I'll make again!  We can't wait to come again sometime this summer!  We love you!