Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day this year was lovely.  Ryan was finally feeling better and could actually eat breakfast, which was pretty exciting!  I always try to channel my mom during these "smaller" holidays, because she had a way of making them all feel so special.  So I ran to the dollar store the night before once the kids were in bed and got balloons and treats and special boxes for each of the kids and had the table all set up and decorated for a fun Valentine's day breakfast, and it felt good to surprise and delight them!

We had a nice breakfast together as a family, and the boys dressed up on the nicer side for their school valentine's day parties.  They were a good looking bunch!  Once the boys headed off to school, I snapped some pictures of my girls in their matching outfits.  There's something about matching girly outfits that I love.

For dinner I made pink shepherd's pie, but no one ate very much of it, and Ryan ended up having a sick day relapse in the evening, so we sent all of the kids to bed on the early side.  Michael and I had already planned our Valentine's date for Saturday night, so we really didn't do anything to celebrate.  I think we had some ice cream, though!

On Saturday, Michael made a rule that none of us were allowed in the basement all day.  He was planning something for our date, but wouldn't tell me what it was!  I forget what the kids and I did all day, but eventually it was time for our date!  Michael had arranged for a babysitting swap.  Our kids slept over at our friends' house and we took their kids for the night on the following weekend.  It worked out great, and when Michael finally revealed the big surprise, I was literally shocked.  Michael had made an inflatable hot tub in the basement!  It was crazy!  Impressive, but crazy!  The first thing I said was, "WHAT IF IT LEAKS???"  It didn't leak though, and we had a delicious dinner and watched a movie in our basement hot tub!  It was great.  Way to go, Michael!

Here are the kids, sitting down to their Valentine's breakfast!

They loved their balloons!

And they loved their secret doily messages under their plates:

All ready for the day!

My match-y little valentines:

Love these girls!

The kids and I went to McDonald's for lunch with some friends, and Sophie and I took some selfies:

Hannah really wanted to have my sunglasses so I gave her some of her own:

In the afternoon our good friend who works at the Cub Foods bakery had invited us over to the bakery for some special valentines cookies she made especially fro Calvin and Sophie.  Angela was Calvin's primary teacher at church last year, and this year she has Sophie in her class.  They both love her so much!  And so do I!

Pictures of the awesome pool in our basement!

And a Happy Valentine's Day wish from Calvin to you:

Hope you all had a great Valentine's day!

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Abbey said...

I love it! You do such fun and creative things with your kiddos. :) And I'm glad the pool didn't leak! hahahaha! Best date night in idea I've ever seen. Good job, Michael!