Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sick Days

Well, February was a sick sort of month at our house.  It seems like everyone took a turn!  It started with Michael, then me, then Sophie, then Calvin.  Hannah pretty much had digestive problems the entire time.  And we kept telling Ryan, "You're next!" Then he actually did get sick, like I said in his birthday post, poor guy!  It was mostly a 24 to 48 hour bug, and then it was done.  But it seemed to take about a week to pass on to the next person.  So one person would be sick for a day, then a week later the next person would be sick for a day, and so on.  So it felt like it lasted an entire month!  Good riddance, February! 

Me snuggling a sick little Calvin:

In the tub...

With a bucket close at hand...

Those little spots on his cheeks?  Not freckles.  Burst blood vessels.   I felt so sorry for my poor little guy.

Sophie's was more short-lived.  Unfortunately, her bout started at my friend's house all over their living room carpet.  Sorry, Christy!    I didn't get a picture of that (thankfully), but here is one of her sleeping it off.

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