Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ryan's 8th Birthday Party!

Well, I can hardly believe it, but my firstborn is 8 years old!  Time really does go so fast.  Ryan is a bonafide young man now.

For his birthday party this year, Ryan decided that he wanted to have a secret agent birthday party.  So I researched some ideas and Michael and I plotted and came up with lots of fun ideas!  I loved how his invitations turned out, and only two people ended up not being able to come.  I'll be honest, on a Tuesday afternoon right after school, I was expecting a lot fewer friends to be able to come!  That's why I invited 14!  Well, serves me right.  We had QUITE a birthday party at our house with 12 secret agents reporting for spy training!  My friend Caitlin helped me drive kids home from school.  Caitlin and I dressed up and passed out badges and shades to everyone when we picked them up at school, then brought them back to "headquarters" for training.  A couple friends who don't go to Ryan's school met us there.

Boy, the kids really had a great time!  But with 12 party guests, I honestly didn't even THINK about my camera the entire time.  We were WAY too busy to take pictures.  Which is kind of a shame, because it was awesome.  We did squirt gun target practice in the garage, maneuvering through a laser beam maze in Calvin and Sophie's room, played a hot potato game in the basement, except with a pretend stick of dynamite with a kitchen timer on it--so that when the timer dinged the person holding it was out, and did code breaking in the kitchen.  Then we had an exploding cake.  No, really!  We had a thin layer of cake, frosting and all, on top of a balloon, and a real fuse going down the length of the table.  We told the kids that if they didn't blow out the fuse, their cake would explode.  They actually did blow it out once, much to my surprise, but we re-lit it.  Then the cake sort of exploded.  It was a little bit of a let down for me, because I actually did a trial exploding cake in the garage, and it really did explode all over!  But the actual one probably had too much frosting or something, so it actually just deflated and fell apart.  Oh well!  The kids were still surprised.  Then we pulled out the cupcakes we made, and they all felt much better.  It was really fun!

Ryan had so much fun with his friends.  He has some really nice little friends, and his party was a blast!  And I am SOOOOO glad that we did the party on the day before his birthday, because only about an hour or so after his friends left, he threw up.  And didn't stop for 48 hours.  But that's a story for another blog!  Happy party day, Ryan!

Picture of the invitations.  I was pretty proud!

I finally pulled out the camera during present opening time.  Oh, do you see Caitlin in the background?  She stayed and helped for the WHOLE party!  What an amazing friend.  I could not have done it without her!  And plus, she looks great in a mustache!

Pizza time!

Exploding (sort of!) cake video!

Blowing out candles.  I REALLY need to learn not to sing while videotaping the happy birthday song.  It never turns out well for me.  Please (once again--remember last year?) ignore me!

Happy Birthday, buddy!  We love you!


Christy said...

So so so fun Caroline! You are totally the cool mom! haha. Your singing really improved from last year though! I love you!

AnnaMarie said...

By far the most impressive party yet! You are amazing!