Friday, March 14, 2014

Play date!

Well, Calvin finally had his long-awaited play date with Natalie in mid-february, and oh boy, was he happy!  Natalie's dad dropped her off after kindergarten, and Calvin was ready and waiting with some flowers to give her!  He was so excited to have her come see all of his toys, meet his hamster, and play with him and Sophie all afternoon.

At lunch time, he was so excited to let Natalie use his lego cup and share is beef jerky with her.  After lunch, the three kids ran off to play.  I supervised playing with Peps for a while, and then they did some sticker art, played pretend games, and we topped it off with decorating valentine's day sugar cookies!

Both Natalie and Calvin were pretty funny.  They were both talking all day about how someday they are going to get married and how right now they are "past the just meeting each other step and right now it's just hugging and snuggling sometimes.  The next step is being in love when you are a teenager!"  It was pretty hilarious.

Natalie was such a nice little friend.  She was very nice to Sophie, and she was very polite.  She was definitely fun to have over to play!

Oh, and here's that video of Calvin talking about the "levels of their relationship".  It's so ridiculous.  And also pretty adorable.  And I really need to learn to hold my phone horizontally when recording videos.  I apologize.

Here is an up-close picture of their heart levels.  They are working their way to the big heart.

Crazy little Cassanova Calvin.  Love my little guy!

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