Wednesday, March 26, 2014


The week of spring break we decided to head up to visit Grandpa Moore for a few days!  AnnaMarie was able to come, too, so we all headed up to Ironwood for a cousin plus Grandpa party!  We had such a great time.  It's always relaxing and so fun to go visit.  This has been the year we have been able to go up and visit the least since we've moved here, and I am missing it!

During the day, we let the kids play and go crazy with the attic toys, coloring stuff, teeter totter, you name it!  They had such a great time, and were pretty well-behaved overall, I'm pleased to report!  It's still crazy with 8 kids, but it was a nice crazy.  For me at least.

And at night the kids went to bed well and the grown ups stayed up watching shows and movies and talking.  It was really, really nice.  I'm only sad that Michael couldn't come with us!

AnnaMarie and the gang arrived on the boys' 2nd birthday, so I made them a baseball cake and we had a little party for them.  It was so fun to celebrate with them!  We love you, Boysies!  We were also there on Adeline's 26th birthday, so we had a little party for her, too!  More cake!  We watched some home videos of her, and that was really nice to do with the kids.

And we got to see Janny!  We all love Janny so much!  She came over one morning and had presents for the kids, and came and spent some time with us at Dad's house, and it was so lovely!  When AnnaMarie and the kids were there, she came again and brought all of the kids a happy meal!  She's the best.

So, overall it was a nice, relaxing, wonderful trip.  Just what I needed!  Thanks for letting us crazy up your life, Dad!

Janny time:

The boys' birthday party!

Jack had just barely hopped off when I took this, but the boys loved climbing all over Grandpa.

Ryan was too scared to sleep on the top bunk, since the mattress is so high that there is no rail to keep him fro falling off.  So we put it on the floor.  The kids had THE BEST TIME climbing all over the bars.  It was cute.

AnnaMarie is the favorite.  And every time I see Jack in this shirt I do a double take, thinking he is Calvin.

Remember this guy???

Happy meals!

Sophie and Jane, loving those crazy pillows!As I recall, it was right after this that Grandpa walked in.  He said, "Hello Jane!  Oh, hello, Sophie!" To which Jane replied, "OH!  How do you know her?"  Funny girls.

Adeline's birthday party!

For your viewing pleasure:

Grandpa's gloves are pretty great!

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