Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Well, he did it!  He turned 8!  I couldn't be more proud of my sweet, smart, loving little/big Ryan boy!  Ryan deserved the best birthday ever.  But instead, he was throwing up all day!  Poor guy.  Michael was going to be gone for the rest of the day, so we had him open presents in the morning, while clutching his bucket.  I guess in hindsight, we probably should have just waited...poor guy!

I had some kind friends watch the other kids for me so I could at least spend some quality time taking care of my sick little birthday boy.  The other kids were so much happier to be off playing with friends.  And after a nap, Ryan felt like assembling his model Lamborghini that he got from his friend for his birthday, so we got to do that together, and it made him happy.

It was nice to spend all day with my Ryan guy, but he really was so sick all day.  He kept lifting up his head from his bucket and weakly muttering, "It's just not fair."  And he's right--it wasn't!  I still have to do a re-do birthday breakfast in bed and super exciting school lunch for him.  I had to give all of his yummy things to Calvin. 

One highlight of his birthday was in the evening when his primary teacher came over to drop off some balloons, treats, and a Culver's ice cream cake in honor of his birthday.  He was so happy that someone thought of him!  And it worked out perfectly, because we were able to just put the cake in the freezer for another day when he was feeling better!  It's so amazing to have other people love your children.  It just lifts a burdern you never even knew was there.  I feel so blessed to have so many people love our children.  So thanks to Chrystal for bringing those birthday surprises over.  Ryan felt so loved, and he really needed that!

So, that was Ryan's 8th birthday!  I'm glad to report he was feeling better not too long after that.  I think he missed school on Wednesday and Thursday and then headed back on Valentine's day, just in time for the class party!

Here are some things that I want to remember about Ryan at 8 years old:

-Ryan loves rules and loves to be the one enforcing them.  He's an oldest child, for sure!  He loves to know the ins and outs, exceptions, and boundaries.  Whenever Michael and I tell him about any given rule, his immediate response is to list all of the scenarios in which that rule might not hold true.

-Ryan still loves fast cars.  A couple of months ago, we had the missionaries for dinner.  One of them was apparently just as into fast cars as Ryan was, because the ENTIRE time they swapped tidbits about their favorite fast cars back and forth.  It was a match made in heaven!

-Ryan loves babies and little little kids, especially Hannah.  He loves being the one to make her smile and teach her new things.  He feels the same way about Jack and Aiden.  Coincidentally, and not surprisingly, Jack, Aiden and Hannah all seem to love Ryan the best, at least as far as entertainment goes.  He is a wonderful, loving big brother and big cousin.

-Ryan loves all things minty, and he can something minty from a mile away.

-Ryan is usually a very good helper, especially when he senses that I am having a hard day or am upset about something.  He shows his love in lots of ways, but that is one of my favorites.

-Humble is not a word I would use to describe Ryan.  He has a perhaps-too-healthy sense of self confidence, and when he does something well he wants to make sure EVERYONE knows about it.  From telling people about how good he has been doing on his spelling tests, to telling me in passing, "Hey, Mom, while the other kids aren't listening to you, I am always trying to just listen and do whatever you ask and mostly just stay out of your way.  I just thought you should know." With Ryan, you definitely don't have to dig too far to get lots of details about his life.

-Each night, pretty much for his entire life, I have sung a song (it used to be like 5 songs, but now it's only 1.  There are now a lot of kids to sing to!) and given him a back scratch at bed time.  I'm pretty sure this is one of his favorite times of the day.  He makes sure to make contented, almost purring noises to make sure I know that I know he appreciates it.  And lately he has started trying to scratch my back while I scratch his back, just so he can do something nice for me.  He's a good boy.

We sure love our Ryan guy!  Happy birthday, buddy!  We're lucky and blessed to have you in our family.

Last glimpse of 7!  Right before he woke up and threw up...

Opening presents in the morning.  He was trying to be happy!

His audience:

About to assemble his model:


Pretty much what he did for the rest of the day:

Here's to you feeling better on your next birthday, pal!  We love you!

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