Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cousin time!

We finally got to hang out with our cousins a bit more over the last few weeks.  It seems like we went a long time without getting together.  Either one of my kids was throwing up, or AnnaMarie and the gang were out of town, etc.  But it was so nice to get together again finally!  Jane is Sophie's very best friend, and she LOVES to play with her.  It's fun to see.

And Hannah sure likes those boys!  They are usually either being very sweet to her or trying to force a binky in her mouth.  Either way, she doesn't really mind!  And Calvin liked introducing them all to his latest and greatest hamster ;)

We love our cousin time!

Hannah, showing those boys what's what.

Best buddies, getting fancy.

AnnaMarie is cool.  She brought face paints.

Aiden is cool, too.



AnnaMarie said...

Let's do it again soon. I love that picture of Hannah telling the boys stuff.

Miranda Moore said...

The face paint is really cute!