Saturday, March 22, 2014

10 Months! And 11 Months!

So, as you may have noticed, I got behind on my blog.  But Hannah did turn 10 months old!  And 11 months old!  She is such a funny girl.  I love seeing her little personality come out.  Sometimes it is just what I expect from her, and sometimes she surprises me!  It is really hard for me to believe that she is almost 1.  Where did the last year go??

So, here are some things about Hannah at 11 months old.  They are mostly the same things as Hannah at 10 months old, I think....

-Hannah is usually a happy, content girl, and she pretty much always has been.  She is always charging off, looking for something interesting.  Usually her brothers and sisters.

-Hannah likes to sit at the top of the stairs where the baby gate is and shake it as hard as she can.  It's a metal one, so it actually does sound like she is a little prisoner in a cage, rattling the bars trying to escape.  She is almost never happier than when I take her downstairs to play with the big kids.  But now that she can make her way up the stairs (but not down without getting hurt), I don't let her roam free without me, or at least without Ryan giving her his full attention.  He is usually very good at playing with her and being responsible for her, but I don't ask him to do it all that often.

-Hannah still loves her Daddy the very most.  Just like Sophie did at this age!  Two days a week, Michael works from a home office.  The next day, I was playing with Hannah in the basement, and she crawled over to Michael's office door and started banging on the door, saying "Dadadadadadada!"  Finally I opened the door and showed he the empty room, and I said, "No Daddy".  Well, she crumpled into a sad little Hannah pile and just cried.  She loves her Daddy!

-I'm not sure what to feed this kid anymore.  She likes to do things herself these days, but sometimes she gives up and lets me spoon feed her if she's not satisfied with the amount of food she is getting into her tummy.  She loves oranges and she loves frozen peas and she loves blueberries.  She eats yogurt pretty reliably, and is a fan of pretty much any kind of shredded meat.  Oh, and she likes crackers.

-She LOVES to play pat-a-cake.  When it's time to "throw it in the oven", she raises her hands up high and gets so excited.  She will ask for it again by clapping her hands.  Preeeeeetty cute!

-Hannah is saying some words, guys!  Her first word was "Hi!" to me.  She now also says "Dada", "Mama", "Cracker", "Uhoh!", "Dog", "Ryan", "Calvin" and "Sophie", although admittedly those three names sound a lot alike when Hannah "says" them.  She is also working on "thank-you". She sure is trying!

-She is furniture walking like a pro, and occasionally lets go with both hands and just stands on her own, but not too often.  She doesn't seem too interested in walking, so I don't really think she'll be doing that before her birthday.  But she sure can get around quickly!

-I think Hannah is happiest in the bath than anywhere else.  She LOVES bath time, and would stay in there as long as I let her.

-Hannah likes to play "sharing".  We play it with the Dora dominoes a lot these days.  She takes one, then I put out my hand and say, "May I please have one?"  Then she hands it to me, and I say "Thank-you!"  Then she puts out her hand and I give it to her, and she says, "Thank-you!"  We do this back and forth for a long time.  The first time she did this, the kids were all gathered around her and she was sharing with all of them, and they were all so delighted and proud of their little sister!

-Hannah is teething with a vengeance!  She still hasn't had any cut through, but she is drooling like a maniac.  Any day now!

We sure love our Hannah girl!  And now, for a million pictures! All of which you have probably already seen on Facebook!

So, when I started taking Hannah's 10 month pictures, I totally timed it wrong.  But I didn't realize that until the sticker was already on her shirt.  Bad news!  Actually, it started out ok.

Then she discovered her sticker and got SO MAD when she tried to pull it off and I told her "No."

She was inconsolable. 

So we tried the rocking chair.

And the dragon puppet:

And she got a little happier.

Then she got hungry.

I kind of love this picture for some reason:

Then she wanted to sit on me, but still no smiles:

See that sticker falling off?  She pulled it off like 10 times.  And then it wasn't sticky anymore.

She really likes the door stopper.


Love my girl, even when she's kind of crabby.

So a few days later, I re-did the 10 month pictures.  You know, because I don't have enough pictures of this sweet baby :)  But, of course, the sticker was long gone...

She loves to point!

She puts her cheek down on her shoulder when she is thinking about something.


Up on her tippy toes!

She makes this straight-line face all the time.

Multi-tasking.  Sticking out her tongue and checking out her shoes, all at the same time.

Angry because she can't reach her bottle.

And here are the 11 month pictures!  Oh yes I did squeeze some piggy tails out!  (Reminds me of this! Although, I never thought I would say this, Sophie's were longer!)

Happy with her apple!

Sad about something!

Happy, but terrible lighting...

Ahhh, the wind in her (minimal) hair!

She is getting so big!  Little miss sassy pants.

Serious in the snow.

Happy back inside!

One of her favorite things lately is chewing on these dominoes.

And playing with her table.

More domino eating!  She loves to put them back in the box and then dump them out.  Over and over and over.

Love this baby girl.

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AnnaMarie said...

OH, that little Hannah! I can't believe she will be a year old soon. Can't even believe it. She is an angel. I love all her pictures.