Thursday, March 27, 2014

Picture Dump!

Ever since I got my new phone in January, I have been taking way more pictures.  They're not great quality, but they capture our everyday life, which I love!  I put a lot of them on Facebook and Instagram, but not a whole lot of them get put on the blog.  So here you go!  A big old picture dump just for you!

Hannah likes goggles:

Sophie and I do kid yoga sometimes.  Namaste.

 Hannah snuggles:

Pictures with my girlies:

She still likes her baby friend in the mirror:

And she also likes chili:

And climbing on things so she can reach the piano:

That is, until she realized could reach them all by herself! 

Sophie drew a "Baby Hannah Mermaid".  I love it.

Calvin frequently brings home things like this.  There are a lot of kindergarteners who are in love with him!

Sometimes my girls match and I think it is extra cute:

Ryan started scouts!

Hannah had her first girl scout cookie:

 And her first donut:

I love this girl!

Ryan is the world's wackiest sleeper:

Calvin playing in the snow:

Love my boy Calvin:

Annual check up with the pediatric nephrologist!

Caitlin is a saint.  

Sophie is cute:

I always think she is adorable with that binky in her mouth.

She REALLY likes to grab my phone whenever it gets within reach.

Me with my four little monkeys:

Being crazy old kids:

Calvin drew this feel better card for Sophie when she had an ear infection:

Ryan has been having fun with his knock off rainbow loom:

Hannah was excited to discover this whistle:

Me with my girl:

Waking up SOOOOOO happy:

Dinner helpers:

Sophie figured out how to write her nae without me even helping her or working on it with her.  I'm proud of her!

Kids in laundry baskets:

Bed head:

She does love these dominoes:

 St Patrick's Day twins!  Matching green shirts, cardigans, jeans, braids and toast!

I love the enthusiasm here for rice krispie treats:

Jane came over one day to play, and she entertained the girls so effectively that I was able to get my taxes done!  Thanks, Jane!