Monday, January 20, 2014


For Christmas, we gave Calvin a hamster cage and told him that once we got back home from our trip, I would take him to the pet store and he could pick out a hamster.  He was SO excited!  We got back late on a Saturday night, and we don't shop on Sundays, so that left Monday morning as the earliest possible hamster pick up day.  It was a windchill of -35, but I still took Calvin to get his hamster.  He was just so adorably excited that I didn't have it in me to disappoint him!

So out we went to the pet store, where Calvin picked out his very first pet!  He wanted a teddy bear hamster, and the store had exactly two.  He had his heart set on a brown one, and we were in luck!  The had one brown one, and one that was white and grey.  He told the salesperson that he wanted the brown one, and while she went to get the paperwork, we looked at the hamsters and reached in to pet them.  The brown one kept scrambilng away and wanted nothing to do with Calvin.  But the white and grey one was so sweet and friendly.  It just kept coming up to Calvin's hand and sniffing him.  And with that, Calvin fell in love and announced that he had changed his mind!  So we got our little hamster all packed up and headed home!  On the way, Calvin announced that her name would be Peps.  I'm not sure where he came up with it, but I think it suits her. 

Calvin LOVES Peps, and takes very good care of her.  I have to remind him not to put weird things in her cage, and to leave the cage on the table in his room where it belongs, etc.  But so far he has taken great care of Peps, always making sure she had enough food and water and cleaning her cage when it gets dirty.  We take her out once in a while and let her explore in her hamster ball.  She's usually sleeping during the day, but despite that fact, the first thing Calvin does when he gets home from school is run to his room "to check on Peps!"  She's always awake at night when I put the laundry away once the kids are sleeping, there running on her wheel!

She is a great little pet, and Calvin sure loves her.  And Ryan and Sophie and our cousins and friends have been pretty impressed, too, which has been fun for Calvin.  Here are some pictures of our little buddy!

Picking her out at the pet store:

Trying out the hamster ball:

Getting to know his little buddy:

 Tonight Michael had a stroke of genius.  We've had this little house for a while, and Michael grabbed it right before dinner and set it out on the table.  Then he put Peps inside and shut the door.  Then we called the kids for dinner and didn't say anything about it.  They were absolutely shocked and delighted when after a few seconds, Peps nudged the door open and crawled right out!  I only wish we had video taped it!  Their faces were so priceless!  Calvin said, "That was SO SURPRISING!!!!"

We kept her in the house, though.  Except she did wander out a bit during the prayer and made it all the way over to Calvin's plate to sniff his food...

That little house was just the right size for her!

We gave her a bit of carrot and a piece of squash...

 Here she is, peeking through the window:

And here she is, crawling around on Calvin after dinner:

This boy loves his hamster!

Welcome to the family, Peps!  You should know, Calvin prays for you every time he says prayers.  It's awfully sweet.


Christy said...

THIS IS SO ADORABLE! I love how excited Calvin is in every picture. Way to go mom! Going out in -35 degree weather. You're brave! I've been loving the blogs. :)

Mark Walton said...

Love the house idea. This reminds me a lot of the hamsters I had as a child (especially Hamilda Hamhocker) and Danica's hamster Buster. Three cheers -- for Calvin, his parents and Pets.
Grandpa Walton

Mark Walton said...

Oops -- my hamster's name was Hildegarde Hamhocker