Thursday, January 16, 2014

James and Miranda Got Hitched!

So we finally got to Utah for the most anticipated moment of the past, oh, 18 months!  That's pretty much how long I've seen this one coming :)  So, we got into town on Thursday night, and on Friday we had a lovely breakfast with Dave and Joanne, and then we headed over to Abbey and Spencer's!  Michael and Spencer took the boys out and about, while Abbey and I took the girls and got things ready for Miranda's bridal shower on Friday evening.

So we went to Sam's Club and Macey's for some food and spent a little while shopping for gifts as well.  It was so much fun to hang out with Abbey all day!  I miss her!  We had so much fun.  And Sophie liked being along for the shopping, too.  We were in the lingerie department at a store at one point, shopping for a bridal shower present, and Sophie played around, ducking in and out of the racks of clothing for a while.  Then she stopped and gasped and in a baffled voice said, "MOM!!!  Did you know, this is ALL UNDERWEAR???!!!!"  It was funny. 

Anyways, by late Friday afternoon, everyone was in town, and we all went out to dinner at Los Hermanos!  Well, except for AnnaMarie and Tyler and the gang.  A few of them had the flu and weren't feeling up to it.  We were just glad they were able to make it to Provo at all!  Anyways, dinner was really fun.  It's always so nice to have the family together.

After dinner, Michael and James and Spencer took the older kids to the Nickelcade for a boys (plus Sophie) night while the ladies and Hannah all headed over to Abbey's house for the bridal shower!  It was a small group, and nothing too fancy, but it was really fun.  We love Miranda so much!  She fits right in with our family, and she is so amazing.  We all lucked out, but James especially!  I'm honored to lose my spot as favorite daughter in law to her.

So with that, we headed back to Dave and Joanne's house and crashed, and then woke up and got ready for the wedding!  The kids played at a nearby church building with some babysitters while we headed off to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple for the wedding!  It was such a sweet and amazing wedding.  I could just feel the spirit so strongly, testifying that this is really and truly what Heavenly Father wants for his children.  And I knew without a doubt that Mom and Adeline were there, sharing in that beautiful experience.  It was perfect, and I couldn't be happier for James and Miranda!  They are now sealed together as husband and wife for time, and for all eternity!

After the wedding, we hurried back to the church and picked up the kids, to bring them back to the temple for pictures outside.  We got through those in a hurry (it was nice compared to Minnesota, but still cold!) and headed back to the church building for the luncheon.  It was all fun and lovely.  Our family sat at a table with Miranda's parents, and it was so fun to get to know them!  In fact, they actually came and sat at our table so they could help out with the kids and hold Hannah.  They are so sweet, it's no wonder Miranda is so amazing!

Lunch was delicious, and after that we had a couple of hours to kill before the reception, so we headed back to my aunt and uncle's house to give the kids a much-needed nap.  And to put the final touches on the slideshow!  I wanted to put a couple of wedding pictures in at the end, but ti turned out being quite a rush to get it all done, because I didn't realize that I couldn't burn the right dvd format with my computer!  But Uncle Dave came to the rescue!  Thank heavens he spent his career working with audio visual stuff!  It was the right place to be!  He got the DVDs all squared away just in time!  Thank you Uncle Dave!

So then we headed to the reception, which was so very lovely!  It was at a beautiful reception hall.  The kids loved running around, the food and decor were amazing, and the live music was really fun.  It was all just perfect.  We love you, James and Miranda!  We are so, so happy for you!  Congratulations!

And now, way too many pictures!  That's just how I do things!

Hannah and AnnaMarie, at the bridal shower:

Abbey made DELICIOUS fondue.  Mmmmmm.....

Shirley was able to join us for the shower!

Miranda starting in on the presents:

Miranda and her friends, Lauren and Jennifer:

Aunt Shirley and the Moore Women:

All the sisters, minus Christy!  We missed you, Christy Misty!

William and Seth, waiting for James and Miranda to come out of the temple:

Abbey and Spencer:

My handsome boys:

Sophie girl was chilly but cute:

The big ones:

The flower girls!  I loved their matching outfits:

Jane and Sophie:

Everybody doing some more waiting:

Uncle Dave, Dad and Michael:

Doesn't Dad look so handsome in his tux??  Oh, and you too, Michael :)

The kids, entertaining themselves in the planters:

Abbey with Jane and Sophie.  nice face, Sophie:

Mr. and Mrs. Moore make their debut!

Sophie ran right up to give James the biggest hug she could muster:

ALl the kids followed suit.  They sure LOOOVE Aunt Miranda!  So glad it's now official!

Ryan, whipping out his camera.  It was so funny.  He pulled it out and hollered, "Okay, now KISS!"

And so they did!

And these are the kissing shots from his camera!  Way to go, buddy!

 Taking a stroll around the temple:

Michael keeping Hannah warm:

Cute Marianne and sweet mister William:

Aw, I love this one!  Such a good-looking couple!

And a few from AnnaMarie's phone:

Here's Emily, Miranda's sister, getting things set up at the reception.  Look at those gorgeous flowers!

Little man, Jack:

Katie and Ryan and Calvin had so much fun together running around:

Look at these cute favors!

Tyler giving crazy old Aiden a pat on the head:

I LOVE this picture.  Look at Aiden photobombing sweet little William while simultaneously busting a move!

Our family:

Michael and Hannah:

Jack and AnnaMarie:

Aiden giving Hannah a smooch:

Hannah getting a little crazy:

The girls LOVED the staircase:

All the Moore grandchildren!

Katie and Calvin had fun dancing together:

Then Sophie and Calvin had a turn, too!

Not the greatest quality, but I kind of love this picture:

Watching the wedding video:

And now, if you made it this far, I will reward you with an extra special treat.  Here is a video of Sophie pretty much stealing the show during James and Miranda's first (and let's face it, if you know James and his LOVE for dancing, quite possibly their only) dance as a married couple.

We sure love you, James and Miranda! 

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