Sunday, January 19, 2014

9 Months Old

Our sweet little Hannah turned 9 months old on the 2nd!  She is funny--she only had a handful of tricks (sitting up, scooting backwards, rolling over...) before we left on our trip, but by the time we got back, she was clapping, waving, saying "hi", pulling herself to standing, pointing, and crawling! So we now officially have a mover, and pretty much nothing is safe anymore!  She is getting faster with her crawl, and I especially like it when she comes to find me.  It's pretty cute.

So, some things about Hannah at 9 months.

-She has always been a little shorter than average and a little heftier than average, but she's now solidly average in height, weight and head.  She weighs about 18 1/2 pounds. 
-Hannah HATES bibs.  HATES them.  She yells and screams when I put them on her, and is fine once they're off.  Usually she'll be distracted enough to eat regardless, but sometimes she hollers until I remove the bib.
-She discovered oranges for the first time the other day and went totally nuts.  She loves them.
-She is mesmerized by toothbrushes.
 -She still likes to rock, just not as much as she used to.  I guess she has better things to do now.  But she does like the rockin' dog we have in our basement!
-If she could play with anything in the world, I am pretty sure she would choose a pen or an electrical cord.
-Hannah still loves bath time.  She especially loves it when she has Sophie in the tub with her.
-Hannah is a very social baby.  She loves to say hi to people and wave her arms frantically at them.  And today at church she was asleep when we arrived, and so when she woke up in the middle and we took her out of her seat, she was SOOOO HAPPY to see that she was in a room completely full of people to smile at.
-Poor Hannah falls down a lot, now that she's mobile and trying to stand up.  She's always clunking her head on something...
-Hannah has a feisty streak, for sure.  Borderline violent.  It has me a bit nervous about how this is going to take shape in her personality.  She pinches, grabs hard, yanks hair, whacks you in the face, you name it.  I don't remember this from our other babies, at least not to this extent.  It's usually when she doesn't want to be put to bed or when she's super hungry.  So watch out for Hangry Hannah!
-She is still a good little snuggler, when she's done being feisty, that is!  She still sometimes bops around between us in bed in the mornings, but not as often.  She's usually more interested now in getting down and playing.
-She loves to be in the middle of the older sibling action.  She'll sometimes still tolerate being put in the exersaucer, in which case I feel comfortable letting her stay down in the basement with them watching them play while I get something done.  But most of the time she wants to be crawling around playing with things, and who can blame her!
-She really loves when people clap and cheer for her, and especially loves to give them a good round of applause in return.
-She goes through more diapers and more outfits than any baby ever.  We actually had to buy her some clothes on the Utah trip because we couldn't keep up with the laundry.
-Hannah is our little percussionist.  She loves the bongos, the snare drum, drum sticks, the cowbell, or even just some good old fashioned pots and pans.
-She totally lost interest in nursing last month, and is now 100% bottle fed.  Something about that age for my kids, 3 out of the 4 have weaned themselves between 8 and 9 months.
-She still doesn't have any teeth.  But she doesn't let that stop her from gumming up table food to the best of her abilities!  She loves to feed herself, but also sometimes gets pretty mad because she can't get herself full enough.  Then she will allow us to spoon feed her.
-She is so SO excited to see me when I get her out of her crib after sleeping.  It's my favorite.  I'll have to go in there with a camera one these days and capture it.
-She is working hard to be a professional whistler, you know, King Julian style.
-She can almost always be cheered up by a bottle and/or her big sister and brothers.  She loves them so much, and they are so good to her.

We love our sweet little Hannah girl!  And now for some pictures!

A couple of weeks ago, we stuck Hannah in a box to play.  Then we handed her some guys from the nativity set to play with.  Then I had the strangest feeling of deja vu!

Hannah at 9 months:

Sophie at 9 months!  She sure looks scrawny, hey? These are from Sophie's 9 month blog post!

 Here are some pictures of my 9 month photo shoot with Hannah:

I can see why Grandma thinks she just might have red hair someday:

She crawls on her toes with one foot, and with the other foot tucked underneath, dragging along:

Cheesy smile!


Discovering her sticker... What is this thing??

 Hey, it comes off!

Did you SEE THIS???

I should eat it.

Or maybe stick it here.

No, no, I'll just it eat.

Hannah now stands to bongo.

The swath of destruction she left in the kitchen the other day.  It's like a hidden picture thing!  Can you find 3 pot lids, a pot lid rack, a metal organizer she ripped off the cabinet, wax paper, parchment paper, plastic wrap, tin foil, a jar ring, an alphabet pals fridge toy, a magnet, and a bag of sweet potatoes!

Hannah loves to eat, and spends a good portion of time in her high chair each day.  This day AnnaMarie and the kids were over having waffles for dinner, and we left the bowl of whipped cream a little too close.  Good snag, Hannah!

She just woke up, and was pleased as punch to have 3 binkies to hold onto!  She kept roatating which one was in her mouth.

She discovered cottage cheese is a big way.

Smoochies from Daddy:

Cool baby:

A video of Hannah saying her first word!  The first couple tries are pretty good.  After that she gets a little lazy...

And if you have ever been dying to see 3 minutes and 56 seconds of Hannah playing the drums, etc., then look no further!

Hannah rocking on the rockin' dog!  That part is at the beginning, the rest in Calvin and Sophie showing off for their future selves...cute, but a little on the long side :)

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