Wednesday, December 4, 2013

8 Months Old

Well, I have a million and one things to catch up on, but what's more fun than an adorable baby?  Hannah turned 8 months old this week and I don't think I could possibly love her any more than I do.  She is a little cherub, and I love having her as my buddy day in, day out.  Here are some things I want to remember about Hannah at 8 months old:

  • She can say "da" "ba" and "ma", but she likes to go in spurts.  She used to say "dadadadadada" all the time, then she discovered "mamamamama" and used that liberally, and now she's discovered "bababababa", so she's usually saying that one when she babbles to herself.
  • She can really get around, but is usually scooting backwards or in a circle, never forwards, although she loves to get up on her hands and knees and rock.  She can already, however, get into stuff on our shelves, and I frequently find her trapped halfway under things.  It's especially funny when she gets trapped under the table in our living room.  She is a little concerned to be trapped, but mostly concerned because the records are on the shelf right behind her head and can neither reach the records, nor roll over to change positions.  She's cute.
  • She is getting less interested in nursing, so we've been giving her soft sippy cups a lot of the time now during the day.  She seems quite happy to be in charge of things in the eating department.  And she still likes baby food, but LOVES to have chunks of things on her high chair tray so she can do it herself.  
  • She loves bath time and never wants to get out.
  • She loves to play bongos, rock in her exersaucer, and most of all hold onto someone's fingers so she can rock back and forth while standing up.  Pretty much whatever she does, though, she is rocking.  She rocks in her high chair, while sitting (this makes her fall over frequently), in your arms, in her carseat, you name it.  It's not continuous rocking all the time, but mostly when she gets a surge of excited playful energy. 
  • If she wakes up on her own, then she almost always comes in bed with us and has happy "whack-you-in-the-face-and-roll-around-and-babble" time.  My favorite time of the day.  But if she gets woken up before she's ready, watch out!  Her whole day is pretty much ruined.  Or at least the morning.
  • She gets sad when anybody leaves the room, but mostly when I leave the room.  It's endearing.  And also eye-roll inducing.
  • She is totally fine and happy to be held by perfect strangers.  Except Santa.  He freaked her out.  But she's pretty much fine with anybody else.
  • Hannah is a very agreeable baby.  She takes it easy on me, for which I am grateful.  Case in point, I took these 8 month pictures right before nap when she hadn't eaten for a few hours and outside in the cold.  And she still hammed it up when I asked her to.  Thanks, Hannah!
  • She still doesn't sleep great, but she is improving.  Until a couple of weeks ago I really couldn't remember the last time I got more than 3 or 4 hours of continuous sleep.  But we're improving, so that is very exciting!
  • She is so easy to put to bed!  I watch for her glazed over stare and then I know it's time.  It goes down like this almost every time:  I sing her "lullabye", which is the song that her ladybug mobile plays, hand her a toy, tuck her in with the blanket and turn on the mobile and say goodnight.  She quietly watches me leave the room, and when I close the door, she bangs on the bars of her crib for a minute or two with her toy, then she goes right to sleep. 
I sure do love my Hannah girl!  She is so sweet, and she's growing up way too fast.  I am trying to savor all of the sweet baby goodness that I can!  And let me tell you, there is a lot to savor!  We love you, Hannah Banana!

Happy girl in her fishy hat:

Angry girl in her fishy hat:

Happy again!

Fishy hat from the side, so you can see the tail.  I love this hat!  Another winner from Grandma!

Love the now falling in this one.  Love this little love bug!

And, last but not least, a video of Hannah scooting and getting stuck by the records :)