Saturday, November 2, 2013

Real Live Saturday!

Ahhh, today felt so nice.  It was a real live Saturday at our house.  Where we just got things done in the yard and around the house and were together working on stuff all day.  I loved it.  The kids were helpful and well-behaved and good little workers and played nicely, and we got to spend pretty much the whole day with Michael!  A great day in my book.  Also, Michael made oatmeal for breakfast and he ended up making quite a lot.  Now, I knew my kids liked oatmeal, but I guess I didn't know they LOVED oatmeal.  But they do!  Because they ate it for breakfast and again for lunch.  And then when dinner time rolled around, we were still working on stuff so we hadn't made anything.  So I whipped up a fruit salad and guess what we had with it?  Oatmeal!  Oh, and these delicious Brazilian cheese breads that Michael just whipped up this morning.  We also ate those all day long.  Mmmmmmm.  But Ryan was especially thrilled, "Ha!  Oatmeal for breakfast, oatmeal for lunch, oatmeal for dinner!  That's so crazy!"  And they happily ate it all day long.  So I didn't even have to make a single meal (I don't count chopping up fruit as making a meal)!  A nice break from the usual.  Who knew oatmeal would be so popular around here!

So, it was a great day.  So nice to have a real Saturday every once in a while!  After waking up from her nap today, Sophie really wanted to play with her mermaid doll in the tub, so I gave the girls a bath and then had some nice play time with Hannah Banana after Sophie went to play with Calvin.  Here are some pictures!

Sisters are the best.

Happy girl:

I was going to say that Sophie was making a weird face in this picture, but I guess Hannah is pretty much making exactly the same one.  Think they're related?

Clean baby giving me her typical "deer in the headlights" look:

Playing with her baby friend in the mirror:

She is getting some new skills.  She loves to push up as far as she can:

Pivot around:

And yes that's right!  Get up on all fours!  Yikes, this baby is so close to being on the move.  We installed the baby gate at the top of the stairs today.  So far she only goes backwards, but that can only last for so long!

She often struggles to get her binky in the right way:

And seems pretty relieved when she finally gets it right:

And she loves to roll over in the boys' room and play with the curtains.  I'd let her do this more often if they didn't usually have legos everywhere :)


And an unrelated picture of Hannah with a sucker from Micahel.  Dads are the best.

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