Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Blog time!

Well, the house is moderately clean, Sophie is busy coloring, Hannah is asleep, I am not asleep, and I have at least started on my present to Michael for our 10th anniversary next week (!!!), so it sounds like it's finally time to blog!  I have been way behind, but I just haven't been able to find that magical and illusive time + energy combo that makes for an up-to-date blog.  So I'll make hay while the sun shines here!

It has been a lovely and wonderful month around here.  I love fall!  Alas, it is quickly turning into winter, but I still love it.  Let's see, where did we leave off...I never posted about Halloween!  We had a nice Halloween this year.  On Tuesday, we went to Tyler and AnnaMarie's neighborhood party that they were hosting, and it was really great!  We headed to a church trunk-or-treat on Wednesday evening, which was so much fun, too, and since Wednesday's are Michael's late night at school, I was thrilled to have dinner and entertainment for the evening already taken care of!  And then we carved some pumpkins and went trick or treating on Halloween, of course.  Costumes were a piece of cake this year, thank goodness!  Hannah was a hand-me-down zebra, Sophie wore a flower girl dress from the '90s that Aunt Reeny gave her (Marcy wore it when she was 3!!!) and was a princess, Calvin wore the cowboy costume we had, and Ryan got a motocross racer costume from our neighbors!  Success in my book, everyone was very happy! Then on Friday we went to a "family harvest dance" at the boys' school, which the boys really enjoyed.  A good Halloween season!

We don't do a whole lot of trick or treating because it's usually cold and the kids don't last too long, and also we don't want a crazy amount of candy sitting around the house.  So we did a few houses on our street and a few houses on the next street over and called it good!  The kids had a great time.  Our neighbors across the street go all out and had a very spooky garage set up.  All three of the kids had a good scare, but it affected Sophie moreso than the others.  She pretty much had Michael carry her the rest of the time and towards the end she didn't even get out of his arms to go up to the doors, even with more candy at stake.  But we all still had a nice time!  Here are some Halloweeny pictures from our adventures!  Enjoy!

Our crazy bunch.  I happen to really love this picture!

Calvin the cowboy:

Ryan the racer:

Hannah the zebra:

Sophie the princess:

Here are a couple of pictures from Tyler and AnnaMarie's party.  This, by the way, is the only costume I own!  I'm calling it "swiss miss".


And some pictures from our trunk or treat:

Calvin liked the face painting:

But opted for an arm painting instead!  It's a snake, and it wrapped all the way around his arm.  Pretty cool!

Sophie was capticated by the donut on a string game.

And for all that hard work eating donuts on strings, here kid!  Have a ring pop!

My friend Cassie held Hannah a lot.  She was my hero.

And my friend Caitlin gave Sophie not one, but two face paintings.  Life is good when you're a princess.

And Sophie loved the cake walk.  She never won, but I did, so she thinks she did since I let her pick out the treat ;)

And our pictures from Halloween proper!  Here they are, carving pumpkins:

Happy face:

Scary face:

Lined up and ready to go!

At a random porch:

And a few from the school dance:

Ryan ran around with his friends the whole time and they couldn't be bothered to take a picture.  But Calvin ran around and danced with his friend Hannah the whole time.  He was one happy kid!

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AnnaMarie said...

Great pictures! I love the ones of Sophie eating the donut off the string. And Hannah being a zebra.