Thursday, November 7, 2013

7 Months!

On Friday our Hannah girl turned 7 months old!  She is closer to 1 than to being a newborn.  Crazy!  She is still the sweetest little thing and we adore her.  Hannah is getting some new tricks, like I mentioned in the last post, which is exciting.  Here are a few things about Hannah at 7 months:

-She thinks she is a tiny adult.  Just a few examples:
  • She is livid when I lay her down to play.  She always wants to be sitting up or standing. 
  • She likes solid food for sure, but if I am spooning her something while I'm eating something else, she hollers at me until I give her a taste.  And then she keeps hollering for more.
  • She likes her toys, but she LOVES whatever it is we have that we don't want her to have.
  • She could care less about any cup with a lid, but when she sees a big person cup, she must have it.
-She is totally destract-able while nursing.  I have to go in a room alone with her with no electronic devices if I want her to really nurse well.
-She loves bath time and never, ever wants it to end.  She loves to splash and play with her yellow rubber ducky that Calvin picked out for her before she was born.
-She LOVES her Daddy.  She is always so thrilled to see him, especially right after waking up in the morning or after naps.  She also loves to grab his glasses.
-Her order of preference/tolerance for siblings goes like this: Ryan, Sophie, Calvin.  Poor Calvin, bless his heart, is always trying to love on her and make her smile, I think he's just a little confused on how to do it in a way that Hannah likes it.  Ryan has it down, and Sophie is getting there, but poor Calvin usually just ends up making her scream, despite his best efforts.
-She is a terrible sleeper.  I must solve this problem, but I can't think straight in the middle of the night.  For example, last night I went to bed at 10:00, after putting her to bed at 7:30.  She was up at 10:30, 12:30. 2:30, 3:30, and 5:30.  Each time she just wanted to nurse and go back to sleep, but still.  It's beyond ridiculous, and I know she doesn't actually NEED any of those feedings.  I'm just a softie, and it's all my fault.  So one of these days I just need to start buckling down.  By the way, last night was par for the course, it wasn't even an unusually bad night.  It's sad.
-Hannah is usually a smiley, happy, easy girl.  She is doing better at playing and not needing me in sight all of the time.  She especially loves to play in her exersaucer in the basement while her brothers and sisters play down there. 

We sure love our Hannah Banana!  Here are a few 7 month pictures!

Love this face!

Smiley girl!


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