Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Blog time!

Well, the house is moderately clean, Sophie is busy coloring, Hannah is asleep, I am not asleep, and I have at least started on my present to Michael for our 10th anniversary next week (!!!), so it sounds like it's finally time to blog!  I have been way behind, but I just haven't been able to find that magical and illusive time + energy combo that makes for an up-to-date blog.  So I'll make hay while the sun shines here!

It has been a lovely and wonderful month around here.  I love fall!  Alas, it is quickly turning into winter, but I still love it.  Let's see, where did we leave off...I never posted about Halloween!  We had a nice Halloween this year.  On Tuesday, we went to Tyler and AnnaMarie's neighborhood party that they were hosting, and it was really great!  We headed to a church trunk-or-treat on Wednesday evening, which was so much fun, too, and since Wednesday's are Michael's late night at school, I was thrilled to have dinner and entertainment for the evening already taken care of!  And then we carved some pumpkins and went trick or treating on Halloween, of course.  Costumes were a piece of cake this year, thank goodness!  Hannah was a hand-me-down zebra, Sophie wore a flower girl dress from the '90s that Aunt Reeny gave her (Marcy wore it when she was 3!!!) and was a princess, Calvin wore the cowboy costume we had, and Ryan got a motocross racer costume from our neighbors!  Success in my book, everyone was very happy! Then on Friday we went to a "family harvest dance" at the boys' school, which the boys really enjoyed.  A good Halloween season!

We don't do a whole lot of trick or treating because it's usually cold and the kids don't last too long, and also we don't want a crazy amount of candy sitting around the house.  So we did a few houses on our street and a few houses on the next street over and called it good!  The kids had a great time.  Our neighbors across the street go all out and had a very spooky garage set up.  All three of the kids had a good scare, but it affected Sophie moreso than the others.  She pretty much had Michael carry her the rest of the time and towards the end she didn't even get out of his arms to go up to the doors, even with more candy at stake.  But we all still had a nice time!  Here are some Halloweeny pictures from our adventures!  Enjoy!

Our crazy bunch.  I happen to really love this picture!

Calvin the cowboy:

Ryan the racer:

Hannah the zebra:

Sophie the princess:

Here are a couple of pictures from Tyler and AnnaMarie's party.  This, by the way, is the only costume I own!  I'm calling it "swiss miss".


And some pictures from our trunk or treat:

Calvin liked the face painting:

But opted for an arm painting instead!  It's a snake, and it wrapped all the way around his arm.  Pretty cool!

Sophie was capticated by the donut on a string game.

And for all that hard work eating donuts on strings, here kid!  Have a ring pop!

My friend Cassie held Hannah a lot.  She was my hero.

And my friend Caitlin gave Sophie not one, but two face paintings.  Life is good when you're a princess.

And Sophie loved the cake walk.  She never won, but I did, so she thinks she did since I let her pick out the treat ;)

And our pictures from Halloween proper!  Here they are, carving pumpkins:

Happy face:

Scary face:

Lined up and ready to go!

At a random porch:

And a few from the school dance:

Ryan ran around with his friends the whole time and they couldn't be bothered to take a picture.  But Calvin ran around and danced with his friend Hannah the whole time.  He was one happy kid!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sophie's First Haircut!

With Caroline out of town I decided the time was right to give Sophie her first haircut.

Sophie was excited, happy even when I told her I was going to cut her hair.

Look how happy she looks!

Sohpie wanted her hair cut and looks concerned because she'd had a self-inflicted run in with a Zip Track car. They're battery powered cars that drive on little plastic tracks. Or on people's heads.

In other morning news, I woke up to Calvin standing next to Hannah's crib singing songs to make her happy. He was making up the words, but the tune was "Benjamin is Honest as Coconuts" from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. "Oh yes, she is, Hannah is as cute as she can be. Oh no, don't cry...." etc.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

7 Months!

On Friday our Hannah girl turned 7 months old!  She is closer to 1 than to being a newborn.  Crazy!  She is still the sweetest little thing and we adore her.  Hannah is getting some new tricks, like I mentioned in the last post, which is exciting.  Here are a few things about Hannah at 7 months:

-She thinks she is a tiny adult.  Just a few examples:
  • She is livid when I lay her down to play.  She always wants to be sitting up or standing. 
  • She likes solid food for sure, but if I am spooning her something while I'm eating something else, she hollers at me until I give her a taste.  And then she keeps hollering for more.
  • She likes her toys, but she LOVES whatever it is we have that we don't want her to have.
  • She could care less about any cup with a lid, but when she sees a big person cup, she must have it.
-She is totally destract-able while nursing.  I have to go in a room alone with her with no electronic devices if I want her to really nurse well.
-She loves bath time and never, ever wants it to end.  She loves to splash and play with her yellow rubber ducky that Calvin picked out for her before she was born.
-She LOVES her Daddy.  She is always so thrilled to see him, especially right after waking up in the morning or after naps.  She also loves to grab his glasses.
-Her order of preference/tolerance for siblings goes like this: Ryan, Sophie, Calvin.  Poor Calvin, bless his heart, is always trying to love on her and make her smile, I think he's just a little confused on how to do it in a way that Hannah likes it.  Ryan has it down, and Sophie is getting there, but poor Calvin usually just ends up making her scream, despite his best efforts.
-She is a terrible sleeper.  I must solve this problem, but I can't think straight in the middle of the night.  For example, last night I went to bed at 10:00, after putting her to bed at 7:30.  She was up at 10:30, 12:30. 2:30, 3:30, and 5:30.  Each time she just wanted to nurse and go back to sleep, but still.  It's beyond ridiculous, and I know she doesn't actually NEED any of those feedings.  I'm just a softie, and it's all my fault.  So one of these days I just need to start buckling down.  By the way, last night was par for the course, it wasn't even an unusually bad night.  It's sad.
-Hannah is usually a smiley, happy, easy girl.  She is doing better at playing and not needing me in sight all of the time.  She especially loves to play in her exersaucer in the basement while her brothers and sisters play down there. 

We sure love our Hannah Banana!  Here are a few 7 month pictures!

Love this face!

Smiley girl!


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Real Live Saturday!

Ahhh, today felt so nice.  It was a real live Saturday at our house.  Where we just got things done in the yard and around the house and were together working on stuff all day.  I loved it.  The kids were helpful and well-behaved and good little workers and played nicely, and we got to spend pretty much the whole day with Michael!  A great day in my book.  Also, Michael made oatmeal for breakfast and he ended up making quite a lot.  Now, I knew my kids liked oatmeal, but I guess I didn't know they LOVED oatmeal.  But they do!  Because they ate it for breakfast and again for lunch.  And then when dinner time rolled around, we were still working on stuff so we hadn't made anything.  So I whipped up a fruit salad and guess what we had with it?  Oatmeal!  Oh, and these delicious Brazilian cheese breads that Michael just whipped up this morning.  We also ate those all day long.  Mmmmmmm.  But Ryan was especially thrilled, "Ha!  Oatmeal for breakfast, oatmeal for lunch, oatmeal for dinner!  That's so crazy!"  And they happily ate it all day long.  So I didn't even have to make a single meal (I don't count chopping up fruit as making a meal)!  A nice break from the usual.  Who knew oatmeal would be so popular around here!

So, it was a great day.  So nice to have a real Saturday every once in a while!  After waking up from her nap today, Sophie really wanted to play with her mermaid doll in the tub, so I gave the girls a bath and then had some nice play time with Hannah Banana after Sophie went to play with Calvin.  Here are some pictures!

Sisters are the best.

Happy girl:

I was going to say that Sophie was making a weird face in this picture, but I guess Hannah is pretty much making exactly the same one.  Think they're related?

Clean baby giving me her typical "deer in the headlights" look:

Playing with her baby friend in the mirror:

She is getting some new skills.  She loves to push up as far as she can:

Pivot around:

And yes that's right!  Get up on all fours!  Yikes, this baby is so close to being on the move.  We installed the baby gate at the top of the stairs today.  So far she only goes backwards, but that can only last for so long!

She often struggles to get her binky in the right way:

And seems pretty relieved when she finally gets it right:

And she loves to roll over in the boys' room and play with the curtains.  I'd let her do this more often if they didn't usually have legos everywhere :)


And an unrelated picture of Hannah with a sucker from Micahel.  Dads are the best.