Friday, October 25, 2013

This Week

Hi there!  Well, it has been a fun-filled week around the Moore household.  Last weekend we took a last-minute trip to Grand Forks to visit my parents' house and have an impromptu Walton Family reunion.  It was amazing and crazy and wonderful.  Then we drove home on Sunday and Michael turned 32 on Monday!

Poor Michael didn't get much of a birthday celebration from me, since on Sunday I started coming down with some kind of nasty bug and I was feeling pretty terrible all week.  But I managed to get the house cleaned up, dinner made, and his favorite cake baked, and we had AnnaMarie and the gang over to celebrate.  I'm so grateful for Michael and the wonderful husband and father he is.  He is working SO hard with his job, school, church responsibilities and family responsibilities.  He hardly ever complains, and always has a fun idea to do with the kids or some quiet little way to serve me.  He is the best.  Happy Birthday, Michael, we love you!

The rest of the week was kind of a blur.  I napped as often as possible, haven't touched my makeup bag or blow dryer since Saturday(finally got back on the bandwagon today), haven't run AT ALL (my half marathon is tomorrow...), put on a lot of movies for the kids, and went to bed early most every night.  But I'm finally feeling better today!  SO I hope it sticks long enough for me to make it through my race tomorrow! 

One great thing about this week has been Ryan's outfit choices.  He's continued on his fashion spree all week and it always makes me smile.  I went out yesterday to acquire some more accessories so he could have some fun with it, and now Calvin has joined the ranks.  It's pretty fun to see what they come up with.  Funny boys!

And lastly, here are a few things about this week that I want to never ever forget:

Ryan beating me out to the car so he could start scraping the frost off of the windows for me.

Sophie warning me to be careful when I climbed in the back of the car so I don't hit my head like I did last time because she didn't want me to be sad (I might have cried the last time I did it, it really hurt!)

Calvin figuring out how to get another movie started all by himself so he and Sophie wouldn't have to wake me up.

Michael making a beautiful AND delicious dinner last night--with a smile on his face--after getting home from work and only having 7 hours of combined sleep over the last 2 days since I didn't really feel up to it.

Hannah waking up from her nap JUST as I was laying down for mine, only to give me the biggest, smiley-est happy faces of her life, eat for 5 minutes, and then go back to sleep for 3 hours.  Best baby ever award!

How much fun it was to go to Target, just me and my sisters, and walk around having fun together.  I love them.  I wish we could be together more often.

How I LOVE playing canasta with my parents and sisters.  It just feels deep down good to laugh and have fun together.

Here are some pictures!

Heading through the cornfield for family pictures on Saturday!


Luke and Ryan being funny:

Me and Michael and Hannah:

Me with my Cora Caroline and Danica with her Hannah Danica:

Kelly and Danica with the babies:

 Cora is a funny girl!

Love this one of Hannah and Danica.  Beautiful girls!

 Group shot from my mom's phone.  We'll get the real ones later:

Earlier this week Sophie went to play at a friend's house and I had Calvin and Hannah at home.  Calvin had some great ideas, and it was a fun afternoon, despite being sick.  Here he is, floating a paper shark and a paper boat with a lego guy riding on it.  And making some waves:

Michael's birthday celebration:

Ryan made him a paper airplane card.  Here he is, trying it out:

And Ryan gave him some money.

And so did Katie!  Great minds think alike.

Singing "Happy Birthday":

Blowing out the candles:

One night I was doing something on the stove and the fire alarm went off.  I thought we dodged a bullet since none of the kids woke up right away.  It was like 11.  But then a few minutes later, both of these little sweeties wandered out at the same time, needing a snuggle from their daddy.  It was really sweet.

Happy little Hannah girl in an adorable outfit from Grandma!

Me and happy Cora:

My girls:

And the rest of Ryan's (and Calvin's) outfits from this week:

Check out this belt buckle!

Love these boys!


AnnaMarie said...

Great post, great pictures. So sorry you have been sick this week, but glad your family has been pitching in to help you!

Nancy said...

I really love your boys' outfits- a little bit hipster, with some swag:) Good luck on your race tomorrow, I hope it is fun.