Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween Party!

Ryan keeps coming home from school these last few weeks talking about people from school who say they want to come over, or girls from school who like him, or girls from school that he likes, or buddies of his that he REALLY wants to have over to play. So, I decided to let him choose a few friends to invite over for a little second graders Halloween party (plus AnnaMarie and the gang--no party is complete without them)! A few being the key phrase. And also, I didn't tell him this, but I'm pretty sure this took the place of a birthday party this year.

But anyways, I made some creepy treats, put up a big spider web and let Ryan, Calvin, and Sophie stick a bunch of fake spiders on it, we played some fun games, and the kids had such a great time. It was nice. And the rain held off until the party was over, so we ate, played games, and ran around outside pretty much the whole time! Except for Calvin, who was having a hard time, and spent a lot of time inside building things with legos and trying to recruit Ryan's friends to come play with him :)

It was a beautiful day, though, and it was so nice to be outside. And second graders are seriously a lot of fun. I think Ryan gets a bum deal sometimes, being the oldest. He used to always be much older than his age, but this year he has caught up to himself. He is now seven, through and through, and I sometimes still treat him like I expect him to be a tiny adult. And then I get a little grumpy when I remember that he's seven. But today reminded me what a great age seven is. He and his friends were so much fun and were so easy to have over. It was awesome. Michael and I talked once again tonight about how we should let the kids have friends over more often. It was just a really fun afternoon.

And thank heavens Christy and AnnaMarie were there to hold Hannah. She did not like any other option. Maybe she was mad because I forgot to put her in her zebra costume. Anyways, it was a great afternoon. And although Ryan's latest love interest didn't end up being able to make it, he still had a great time with good friends (and cousins!).

 The spread of creepy treats.  "Monster eyeball cookies", "shrunken punkins", "mummy dogs", "cauldron corn",  "witch brooms" and some delicious chocolate cream pies by AnnaMarie!  Oh, and "ghost guts" (i.e. milk) to drink!  Tommy, by the way, did not like these spooky names, and it took him a while to want to try anything.  It was funny.

Jane and Sophie, both being Rapunzel.  I love these girls!

Enjoying snacks!

Calvin was amused by the shrunken punkins:

A bunch of princesses:

This was funny.  Gabe the ninja decided to threaten to shoot Calvin with the little bow and arrow set.  Gabe's form was pretty good, and he was pretty believable. So Calvin really started freaking out.  But don't worry, that's Katie behind him with a baseball bat, coming to back him up.  Cousins are the best.

Then Calvin got in a sword fight with the ninja.  He lost.  I had to take a picture, I just had to.  I think it was the drooly vampire mouth.

Here we are about to play a skeleton relay race, where both teams are racing to correctly assemble a skeleton on the wall.  But just check out Ryan in these pictures.  He is SO melodramatic sometimes.  It is funny.  I'm not even sure what he was reacting to.  I think I was just giving instructions...."So, then you put the skeleton on the wall and..." "NOOOOOOOO!"

Calvin makes good faces.

And so does Katie!  Those vampire teeth are a good look, huh?

Calvin helping his team assemble the skeleton:

Ariel and the ninja learning that you can't connect a foot straight to a femur:

Ryan's team won.  And Ryan rubbed it in.  And that made Calvin cry on his bed for a solid 20 minutes.  But only after we took some pictures:

I like how this one is waving:

This pretty much sums up Hannah's party experience:

Playing a witch's brew game where they make the potion by putting all of the ingredients into their cups with a straw:

Playing "shrinking island".  Basically musical chairs with towels instead and when the music stops they all have to jump on the towel island (which gets smaller each time when you take away towels), and anyone with a foot in the water has to swim for shore or get eaten by sharks.  I added in the swim for shore option when Sophie and Joey looked pretty panicked after "falling in".

Then we played "ghost grab" where everyone had a ghost attached to a string.  One person was the grabber and had a giant bowl.  All of the ghosts go in the middle of the circle, and when you count to three everyone tried to pull their ghost away before the person with the big bowl can trap them.

Happy kids!

Hannah liked eating the ghosts.

Then they ran around the backyard with the ghosts on strings and it kept them occupied for like an hour.  Pretty great!

They also played tag.  I love this picture.  Look at their happy faces!  Childhood is the best.

Cute Jane:

Calvin finally convinced everyone to come play legos:


Ryan with his second grade buddies, Grace, Vanessa and Gabe.  So fun to have them!

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