Thursday, October 3, 2013

6 months!

Well our little Hannah Banana turned 6 months old yesterday.  I feel like these last 6 months have just sped right on by!  And at the same time it feels like so long ago!  Hannah is a joy.  I think some of my favorite moments with her are the ones where she is snuggling in bed with us and then wakes up and starts batting us in the face over and over again while she babbles. And when I giver her a crazy huge excited smile and I can see her trying her darndest to mimic my face exactly and give me the biggest excited face smile that she can muster.  Or when I repeatedly tell the kids to stop bothering Hannah but then she interrupts me hollering at them by giggling uncontrollably.  At which point I say "Nevermind, I guess she likes it." She loves her big brothers and sister!  When she gets agitated and I can't figure out what to do for her, I can usually solve the problem by putting her in the exersaucer in the basement and letting her watch the big kids play down there for a few minutes.  She is a big sweetheart.

Hannah still loves to be outside.  She loves when we help her stand up, and she LOVES to grab noses and glasses.  She still needs lots of snuggles when she is lonely (which is pretty frequently--she is a social baby!), which I typically find more endearing than tiring. Like right now.  This is what I look like at this very moment.  I am typing this post one-handed :)

We are still figuring out sleeping.  It's been complicated by the fact that when she wakes up in the middle of the night (seriously on a newborn schedule these last 2 months.  Every 2 hours.) she seems to actually be in pain, so I can't just let her cry it out or leave her there to soothe herself.  I have suspected that she had some kind of sensitivity to things in my diet (I even went dairy-free for 2 weeks to find out!), but then today at her well child check, the doctor said it sounded to him like reflux and being super hungry.  He prescribed the occasional dose of antacid and 3 meals of solids a day.  Better than dairy-free, so I'll take it!  So we'll be pumping Hannah full of food for the next while to see if it helps! 

Sometimes I swear she is mad because she is bored.  I will have taken care of every physical need possible, but the second we head out the door or get a change of scenery, she is her perfectly happy self!  In fact, when I would lament to my friends about her tummy trouble and bouts of crying, wondering what was the matter with her and how I could fix the problem, they practically didn't believe me, because every time we are out with friends doing things or at church or at the park, she is happy happy happy!  The one exception to that is the grocery store.  I am pretty sure she can sense when we are entering any kind of shopping facility and she really REALLY dislikes it.  Probably because she is strapped into her seat staring at me the whole time wanting me to hold her, wondering how I could be so heartless.  I get a lot of "My, you sure do have your hand full" comments at the grocery store.

I still think of her as pretty hefty, but her stats today were 60th percentile for weight, 45th for height and 50th for head, so she's pretty average! Hannah loves to roll and is pretty good at sitting.  She loves her Mimi Hopps toy from Carolin and the Schreck family and loves to slobber on it in her crib while she is falling asleep.  She still has a soft spot for her ladybug mobile.  She babbles a lot these days, and especially loves to say "DADADADADADA!"  It's almost like she's calling out for Michael most of the time.  She is a Daddy's girl and LOOOOVES Michael to pieces.  She gets very excited to see him and loves when he holds her and plays with her.  She is the sweetest baby I could dream up, and I love her so, so much!

So here are some pictures of my 6 month old munchkin.  Sidenote, I was planning on taking these 6 month shirt pictures sometime this week but it didn't happen, and then last night at 5:30 I was heading out to the store and the gym with all 4 kids in tow--none of them had napped, mind you--and I saw the temperature.  76 degrees.  And I knew the weather forecast called for 50 degrees and rain for essentially the forseeable future.  And then I looked up and saw the ominous thunderstorm heading our way, and I made a quick decision to turn the car around, swing by the house to grab the outfit, and sneak in those pictures right away.  And I'm so glad I did!  The weather was perfect, the light lasted exactly long enough, and the first raindrops fell as we were loading into the car!  A miracle!

Hannah getting some cuddles from Aunt Kelly:

 Attacking me in the baby carrier:

Very happy about that oreo in the mesh baggie:

We love you, Hannah girl!

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