Sunday, September 29, 2013

Where did September go??

Well September sure went by in a hurry!  It's been a lovely month, though!  I love fall!  The kids have been doing great in school.  After Calvin's initial love of school, he went through a period of thinking school was not all that great.  Mostly it was due to him comparing notes with Ryan about what they did all day.  Calvin is in half day Kindergarten, which means he doesn't get to do all of the art/music/gym/multiple recesses/eating lunch with friends that Ryan gets to do.  And since those are the only things Ryan usually talks about after school, Calvin was feeling like he was getting a bum deal.  But I'm happy to report that he's back to loving it.  And I'm pretty sure that half of the problem was him not eating a good breakfast.  So I started saying no to Lucky Charms and packing his little tummy full of eggs, oatmeal, peanut butter toast, wheat berries, fruit and the like.  And voila! Problem solved!  He has been MUCH happier ever since.  Just the other day he got in the car and let out a happy sigh and said, "School is FINALLY just like I hoped it would be!"  Oh, AND the other day Calvin informed me that Caitlyn, a girl who sits at his table, is in love with him.  I asked him why she liked him, and he informed me that it was because she thinks he is cute.  I don't know much about this Caitlyn, but I know she has impeccable taste.  Oh, and by the way, Calvin is not in love with her "because she is 6."  But he does like her as a friend. 

Ryan is doing great in school, too.  This year I decided to get on top of my parent-of-a-school-age-child game, and make sure that Ryan studied for his spelling tests.  I've been helping him.  Last year, somehow, I would ALWAYS forget.  And our conversations about how he had done on his spelling test would be downright embarrassing.  Case in point:  one day after school, I asked him how he had done.  He said, "Great, Mom!  I did way better than last time!  I got a 3 out of 10!!!!!"  And he sounded genuinely proud of himself.  Wow.  So this year, I am happy to report that he has gotten 100% on every single spelling test!  Go, Ryan!  And he is very, very proud of himself. After school on Friday he said, "Hey, Mom, Grace said she wants to come over to my house and study spelling with me so that she can get 100% like me!"  Way to go, buddy!

So school is going well.  And Ryan has also started piano lessons, which he is loving.  And Sophie has been playing with friends and cousins and having a generally great time!  And Hannah has been working on sitting up, eating solids like a pro, and trying to learn (ie I am trying to teach her...) how to sleep longer than 3 hours at a time.  Honestly, over the past 2 months she ahs reverted to newborn sleeping patterns, and it has been taking its toll on me, for sure!  I tried going dairy free for a couple of weeks, and it did seem to help a little with her tummyaches.  Now I am reintroducing it to see if she reverts.  If I can figure out the tummy aches, I think I am one BIG step closer to helping her learn to sleep through the night.  Wish me luck!

Things have been going well for me, too.  Despite my lack of sleep, I've been continuing to train for my half marathon and I was really starting to love it until my 10 mile run on Friday.  And that almost killed me, I'm pretty sure.  Complicating factors, however, were that my iPod battery died at 2.5 miles and that I had a pretty horrible nights "sleep" the night before, but it was really pretty painful.  but I perservered!  And I'm pretty proud of myself.  I didn't even walk any of it.  It took 1 hour and 54 minutes, but I did it!  Yay!  I've also been busy making a baby quilt for Michael's boss' new baby and a variety of other projects around the house.  And a nap here and there :)

Michael's doing well with school and work.  He's pretty busy these days, but I'm proud of him for working hard and grateful that he still takes time to support me in things I want to do.  Like yesterday, when he pretty much had the kids all day so I could take pictures for some friends, go to the Relief Society General Broadcast and have a movie night at a friend's house.  Thanks, babe!  You rock.

So yeah, that's what we've been up to the last little while!  And now for the pictures!

Here are the kids this morning, on our way out the door to church.  I love these guys.  They are good kids.

I spent a lot of this afternoon helping Ryan with a few things and kind of left Calvin and Sophie to their own devices.  I went to check on them and this is what I found.  Too funny!  Calvin completely covered Sophie with fistfuls of grass, all except her head.  And he did a pretty good job, too!

Helping Sophie get cleaned off:

When I lay Hannah down for a nap, she immediately rolls to her side.  If she stays there, I know I'm good to go.  If she rolls over to her tummy or stays on her back, she never falls asleep.  Funny girl!

Here is the quilt I made!  I'm pretty proud of it!

 Sad story.  When we were up in Ironwood a few weeks ago, we had Dad take some family pictures for us.  Sadly, I was a bonehead and set the focus correctly on the camera, but not the aperture, etc.  So none of them turned out.  We didn't figure that out until we were halfway home.  Such a bummer.  But we re-did them, with AnnaMarie's help on the family shot, and I really like them!  So here are a bunch!

 I found Sophie playing a snake/Rapunzel/pirate mashup game the other day. It went a little something like this: The Princess Rapunzel Snake (see broken necklace in picture) was on a boat in a river and ran afoul of some nasty pirates. They tossed her long, luxurious hair into the water, and Princess Rapunzel snake thought all was lost. Enter: Grandma! She swooped in (with Lucy in tow), rescued Princess Rapunzel Snake and took her back to her house where they went swimming in the hot tub and then snuggled while they watched a movie. Love my silly girl!

 Hannah + Oreos = a happy mess:

My telling Sophie the story of Golidlocks and the 3 Bears:

Ryan doing a super awesome word search sent to him by his Aunt Danica.  

Found these gems on the iPad...

Ryan made this face when I told him that we would be having squash for dinner:

Jane and Sophie like to play Headbanz, but they are horrible cheaters.

Jane and Sophie!

I gave Hannah a big lipstick to play with, thinking she couldn't get the lid off.  I was wrong.

Me and my girl:

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