Friday, September 20, 2013

Ryan's Crazy Color Run!

Before we begin.  There.

Now that's a little better, right???

Ryan definitely had fun at his crazy color run--definitely in his element whenever there is a race going on.  When all the 2nd and 3rd graders came out of the school for the run, Ryan's class was all sitting together and Ryan ran up for a color refresher treatment (ie more color spray) and Calvin took the opportunity to say to him "Ryan, guess what, I WON THE KINDERGARTEN RACE! I CAME IN FIRST PLACE!!!!!!"  By that time Ryan was already heading back to sit with his class and proudly hollered to them all, "WHOA  that guy RIGHT THERE won the WHOLE KINDERGARTEN RACE!  That's my BROTHER!  He must have been going SUPER FAST!"  That made Calvin's day, whether or not he actually did win the Kindergarten race, just so hear his older brother be so proud of him in front of his class.  It was sweet.

So, Ryan had a great time running with his friends and we all had a great time cheering him on.  Afterwards he got to hang out and play at the playground so Sophie and Calvin played there, too.  It was a fun afternoon.  Ryan ran I think like 1.2 miles or something in 10 minutes, and he was proud!  Way to go, buddy!

Calvin and Sophie ready to cheer Ryan on:

Joey and Calvin with their signs:

Scare tactic?

Sophie painted this sign all by herself.  Here she is cheering with Sam:

Ryan running:

Sophie smiling:

All of us after the race:

Ryan had a few people really freaked out.  But it's just hair color mixed with sweat.  Have I mentioned Ryan is a very sweaty kid?

Ryan and his buddy, Gabe:

Gabe, Adam, Adrian and Ryan:

 Ryan and Calvin:

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