Monday, September 2, 2013

Glo Run!

Well, we did it!  Ryan and I ran our 5k together on Saturday night!  We ended up doing the Twin Cities Glo Run and ran with my sister Kelly, her husband, Ken, and their kids Luke and Evie, and my mom!  We had so so so much fun!

Ryan and I had been pretty dedicated in our preparation, so I knew we were ready.  What I didn't prepare for was Ryan's competitive nature.  During our practice runs, Ryan did a great job keeping up.  But I was the stronger running partner for sure.  Without fail, we'd get to about 2 miles and he would start to droop a little and start regularly asking how far we had gone and how much we still had left and was always ready to be done when we had hit the 5K mark.

So, when we were ready to start running on Saturday night, I assumed it would be similar.  So, there we were, in the middle of hundreds of people lined up, and they did a count down and then the race began!  But there were so many people that we didn't even get going for 10 more minutes.  But as soon as they counted down and the race "started", he started trying to push his way forward and hollering at the people in front of him to go!  I had to explain that we all had to wait to start running because there were so many people that if we all started running at once, people would get run over!

He was definitely chomping at the bit, so when we finally got to start, he really took off!  He started weaving around people to pass them and was going much faster than usual.  I figured after a little while he would slow down a bit, but I was totally wrong.  He kept seeing the people in front of him and taking off to pass them.  And there were ALWAYS people in front of him.  He would do anything to pass people, run off the course onto the street or into the woods since there was no more room on the running path.  It was dark, by the way, and the parts of the course that went through the woods weren't lit, and we were running right on the banks of a lake, so he would run off the trail to pass people and I swear he was within inches of falling right in.  I would holler at him but it did no good.  He would listen for about one second, but then the temptation to pass the people ahead of him would be just too strong.

So, after about a mile, I was feeling pretty exhausted, because it felt like we were going about 3 times our normal speed.  Ryan was not even tired one tiny bit.  I kept hollering at him to stay with me and not get too far ahead, but like I said, the temptation was too strong.  He just kept pushing on ahead.  At this point, I had absolutely no choice but to run as fast as him because he simply would not listen to me, and I couldn't just let my seven year old run off alone.  By the way, at the start of the race Ryan was too excited to stay with everyone else so we weaseled our way closer to the front of the crowd, so the rest of our family were nowhere near us.  So, I had no choice but to keep up with Ryan, and I was DYING.  Usuallly I have to problem making it 3.15 miles, or even farther, but that's at my usual pace.  We're talking slow.  Like almost 14 minute miles.

They had these awesome black light glow tunnels set up throughout the race and since we all had glow glasses and necklaces and neon shirts and neon body paint, it was awesome!  So each time I would see something glowing in the distance and hear people cheering I would think, "Oh thank heavens, we are done!" But nope.  Not done.  This thing was the race that never ended!  And I kept begging Ryan to slow down.  And he kept (very uncharacteristically) NOT LISTENING TO ME AT ALL!  He was always about 10 feet in front of me and would glance over his shoulder each time and exclaim, "But I'm just trying to pass people!"  And off he would go!  I was so, so shocked that he never got tired even once.  He didn't even slow his pace one bit.

So eventually, we saw my dad and Lily and Cora cheering us on from the sidelines and I knew we were finally close!  Sidenote: Michael, Calvin, Sophie and Hannah were there supporting us to but it ended up raining buckets, and so they stayed to cheer for a while, but then everyone was cold and wet and miserable, so they headed back to the car.  Don't blame them one bit!  Anyways, I saw my dad and knew we were finally almost there, so I did my very best to pick up the pace just a little so we could actually finish next to each other.  Ryan was so, so proud!  I am so glad we worked on this together, and I am flabbergasted at his competitive drive!  It was an awesome experience, even though I truly felt like I was going to die of exhaustion.  Ryan just kept saying, "I LEFT MY OWN SELF IN THE DUST!!!!!"  What a guy.

So, after finishing, we headed back over to find my dad and discovered that we finished before Kelly and everyone, which didn't really surprise me, because we probably started a good 4 or 5 minutes before they did.  I was wearing my fitbit during the race, but needed my computer to check how long it had taken us.  About 10 minutes later we saw Ken and Luke come by, and then Evie and Kelly came a few minutes after them.  Then Ryan and I headed back down the course to find my mom and finish along side her.  It was so fun to cheer for everyone!  We had SUCH a great time!  When Kelly told me that she and Evie had done it in 38 minutes, I knew I had been right about Ryan going way faster than normal.  Finally when I checked, I discovered that we had finished in 27 minutes.  That's 8 and a half minute miles, people!  Not fast for everyone else, but about twice the speed we usually finish in.  Yikes!

So, it was a really fun experience over all, and I loved doing it with Ryan.  I learned some things about him that I never knew before, and I feel like we bonded over the whole thing.  It was so great.  I am now moving on to train for my half marathon in October, and Ryan immediately said he wanted to do that with me.  I told him not a chance!  Running this 5K was pretty miserable, physically, and next time I am definitely setting my own pace!  But Ryan sure did show me that I can do things that I didn't know were possible.  Thanks, Buddy!  I am so glad we got to do this together!

Here are a couple of pictures, enjoy!

Me and Ryan at home before leaving:

All painted and ready to run!

Glow glasses!

Cool dude:

 He has been telling me for weeks that he NEEDED to have a Gatorade for the 5K.  So he was very relieved when I remembered to bring one along for him:

Michael and me, getting rained on!

Our whole team after finishing!

As promised, here are the other pictures from Kelly's phone!

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