Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of Second Grade??!!

Well, here it is, September!  Not to be wishing my life away, but I have been waiting for fall all summer!  Our summer has been awesome, but to be honest, I really don't like hot weather, and having four kids at home is A LOT different than having 3 kids at home, so it's been a bit of a challenge for me.  I have been really excited for school to start because I crave the structure it lends to our day and week, plus it gives Calvin and Sophie some time to play just the two of them, plus Ryan LOVES school and has been waiting for it to start again for weeks, so it makes him happy, too. 

Today Ryan had his first day of second grade!  It has been pretty busy these last few weeks.  We had the trip to visit Danica, then turned around 18 hours later to go to Green Bay, then we were home for a few days, then we spent some time visiting my parents in North Dakota, then we were home for 48 hours to do the 5K, then we drove all night directly after the race (arrived at 3:30 AM) to spend a couple of days in Ironwood, and we got back around 7 PM last night.  WHEW! 

So we didn't really have a whole lot of time for extras, but we've had the school supplies purchased and packed up ready to go since July and Ryan and Calvin set out their new outfits before going to bed last night.  We tucked everyone in at 8 PM.  Ryan quickly got moved to the guest bed in the basement because he was way too chatty!  So I finished putting things away from the trip, writing my 5K blog, etc., and then at about 10 PM Ryan came upstairs.  I was surprised because I thought he was asleep, and he came up sad that his new outfit wasn't in the guest room-- he wanted it RIGHT next to him while he slept.  I sent him back down with orders to go to sleep, but then I felt bad for him, so I brought the outfit down anyways and snuggled him for a little while. 

He was nowhere near ready to go to sleep.  His little mind was going a million miles a minute, and so as I snuggled him, he talked to me about things he was excited about, his worries and fears for the new year, about whether certain kids would be nice to him this year, and about what to do in certain situations.  We talked about having Calvin in school with him and different things Ryan could do if he sees Calvin at school to make him feel special.  It was such a nice few minutes, just to be able to get a slice of the real Ryan--not distracted by cars or wanting screen time or songs on the radio or being hungry or whatever else our day is usually full of.  It was just deep down Ryan, what he was really thinking about and worrying about underneath everything else.  And it was wonderful. 

So I tucked him in again and headed out to the grocery store so I could buy some basics and make him a special lunch for his first day.  When I got home, he was finally alseep.  Sweet gigantic little boy.

So, this morning Michael and I got up and ready before the kids, and we set out a breakfast of orange rolls, doughnuts, and strawberries, and then we went down to Ryan, with one of us on either side, and started smooching his cheeks and saying "School!  Doughnuts!  Orange Rolls!"  And with that, he woke up with a big old smile and pretty much jumped right into his new outfit and was at the table in no time.  We woke up the other kids and had a nice breakfast all together, and then got them all dressed so we could snap a couple of pictures wit Michael before he left for his first day of school!

Then we had 90 minutes to kill before we had to leave, so I let the kids play and when that got out of control I said it was chore time, so we even had the house relatively clean when it was time to go!  We were almost late, but still got there in time to walk Ryan to his class and meet his teacher (we were out of town on "meet the teacher" night).  He was happy as ever to go sit next to his friends. 

We had Calvin's K-start meeting with his teacher today, so we did that, and traded off babysitting with the Holts so we didn't have to take all of our kids to the K-start meeting, and played at a park, and then came home for lunch and naps, and then it was almost time to get Ryan already!  Since I drop off and pick up Ryan every day (we're not in the district, so he can't take a bus), I have never once had cookies and milk waiting for him after school, because I'm always driving him home right after school, and then things get crazy!  So today I pulled cookies out of the oven right as we walked out the door and packed along a thermos of milk, and we had a little milk and cookies picnic in the shade at the school and talked about his first day. 

He was happy as could be when he came out of the school, and told me all about his day, who he ate lunch with, what he did at recess, who he played with, exploring their new school building, etc.  He had a great first day.  I can't believe he's a;ready in second grade!  I remember second grade really well.  Great, from here on out he's going to remember everything!  I'd better redouble my efforts to be an awesome mom.  Here's to a great year, buddy!  We love you!

Ryan, holding up 2 fingers for second grade:

The boys, all ready for school:

Ryan and Calvin with their backpacks FULL of class supplies:

The boys in front of their school:

Ryan coming out after school:

Cookies and milk:

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