Friday, September 20, 2013

Calvin's Crazy Color Run

Well, Calvin and Ryan's school has been talking about this fundraiser color run for a while now, and ever since they mentioned it the first time, Calvin has been looking forward to it like none other.  The kids get to go out and run around a little course and wear the brightest colors they have and get popcorn and bottled water afterwards. I had planned on showing up to watch but had no plans beyond that.  But this morning Calvin woke up SO excited and SO happy and bounded in asking if I was going to make big signs and cheer him on.  So, I quickly got everyone ready early and we left for school in time to stop at Walmart first for some poster board and colored hair spray.  Once we got to school, I sprayed the kids' hair red and green and Sophie had begged for some pink, so we bought that, too, and made her hair pink (even though I hadn't even brushed her hair yet or anything...).  I was planning on heading home after that, thinking I could grab Jacket and do her hair there while I painted the posters.  Instead we ended up going over to a friend's house to do the posters and not stopping back by home, which ended up being way more fun, but after "helping" us paint the signs, not having her hair done, then having it spray painted pink, and THEN ending up being so chilly that she needed my sweater, she ended up looking like this:

I didn't really notice until all of a sudden there at the school I actually SAW her and then I was pretty thoroughly embarrassed for taking my child out in public looking like that, but by then it was too late!  So instead I just laughed really hard pretty much the whole time.  Every time I look at these pictures, in fact, I bust up laughing.  Oh, Sophie.  She did love those purple bubbles, though, that the school gave out for people to blow at the kids running!

So anyways, Calvin was so SO excited to see us there, complete with signs, cheering him and his class on!  He was rearing to go, and I was having fun watching him, until I realized that he was pretending to be a race car and trying to crash into the other kids or bump them out of the way or something.  So I (kindly?) hollered at him to cut it out, and then it was fun watching him for the rest of the time!  He's convinced that he got 1st.  I will neither confirm nor deny that.  So way to go, Calvin!  You did great on your run!  We love you buddy!  Ryan's run is this afternoon.  My goal is to have Sophie fully dressed and presentable.  Wish me luck!

Here is Calvin with his class:

And they're off.  Calvin is the middle orange kid in the line of 3 orange shirted kids.  It was right after this picture that he gave a healthy shove to the kid he is eying on his left.  Then he got hollered at.  

No harm no foul?  The kid recovered nicely.

Getting a little help from SeƱiorita Pedro:

Making his move:

100% crazy Sophie getting sassy with the bubbles:

Calvin with his colorful hair:

Sophie with the poster she painted:

 Me and Sophie with our signs:

Me and my Calvin buddy.  Notice Sophie, photobombing from the stroller with that CRAZY face and hair:


AnnaMarie said...

Haha. I love Sophie 100% crazified. And Calvin is awesome. I'm glad you made him feel so special. You're a great mom!

Abbey said...

Hahaha! You're the best, Caroline. Sophie looks like a tiny crazy person and I love it! :)

Abbey said...

Hahaha! You're the best Caroline! Sophie looks like a tiny crazy person and I love it. :)