Saturday, August 17, 2013


Well, after four long months of waiting, little Hannah Danica finally got to meet the other Danica :)  Last week, my mom and Hannah and I all flew out to Pittsburgh to spend a couple of days with my lovely sister, and we had such a great time!

The kids and I picked Michael up from work on Thursday and headed straight over to the airport where they dropped me and Hannah off.  Ryan was a sweetie, and started crying when I left because he said he would miss me so much.  Aww, buddy!  And then Hannah and I were off!  We made it through security (thank you, families-traveling-with-small-children line!) and to the food court just in time to meet my mom there and have dinner together!  Then we headed to our gate and boarded Hannah's very first flight ever!  She did great.  She snoozed a little, ate a little, and looked at Grandma a lot.  She just didn't like landing. 

Then we got our rental car and headed to the hotel to catch some sleep.  In the morning, we headed over to the hospital where my mom was doing some evaluations to see if her kidney function was good enough for her to be considered as a donor for Danica (we're still not sure when/if a transplant is going to happen, so this was kind of just exploratory).  So we settled in there for the tests, which last a total of about 3 hours, and Danica met us there a little while later.  It was so sweet to see Danica with Hannah.  It made me really happy.

Well, after those tests, we headed to a different hospital where they both had to do a quick blood draw so they can be tested for compatibility.  That one was really quick, and then we headed out to Danica's house where we met up with Zack.  It was so great to see him, I am a big fan of Zack.  And he enjoyed loving on Hannah.  And she enjoyed yanking his beard.  And while Grandma took a nap on the couch, the rest of us played Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo.  Just like old times!  I think Danica and I spend a good portion of 1995 playing that game together...

After that, we headed out to do some shopping and celebrate Zack's birthday at dinner.  It was all awesome, and Hannah was a well-behaved little baby!  Then we headed back to the hotel and went to bed!

On Saturday Grandma and I got up and did a little shopping before meeting up with Zack and Danica for breakfast.  Then we spent the rest of the day hanging out, doing some shopping, getting massages, seeing a movie, eating delicious food, you name it!  It was just a nice relaxing day together, and Hannah was just along for the ride!  She was even perfectly behaved at the movie.  Bonus!  It was so great to just spend some time with Danica.  I love her so much!  And Hannah loves her so much, too.  I thought it was funny, when we would get in the car, Zack would say, "I'll just sit in back with the Danicas."  And Danica started referring to her as Hannica. 

And then it was Sunday morning already!  We met up for breakfast and then it was time to say our goodbyes!  I really wish I lived closer to Danica and Zack.  Maybe someday!

It was such a great trip.  Hannah was a great age.  She still mostly only needs food and diaper changes and naps to keep her happy.  She's not clingy to me, and she's very social.  It was just a really nice trip.  I was sad to go!  But happy to be back home with Michael and the kids (for about 18 hours until I left with the kids for Green Bay...).  So a big thanks to Michael for taking on the kids, and to Christy Holt for helping watch them on Friday! 

Here are some pictures from the trip!

Danica and Hannah, meeting for the first time!

Just hanging out:

Playing Donkey Kong!

Watching Donkey Kong!

Not sleeping.

Playing with Grandma:

The waiters singing "Happy Birthday" to Zack were very loud, so Danica helped out and covered Hannah's ears for her...

Hannah, Danica and Zack (these were from my iPad, so they're pretty grainy...):

Hannah with Danica and Zack saying goodbye on Sunday:

And Grandma, too!

The Danicas:

Me and Danica and Hannah:

I really love this one:

And this one!  Danica snuggles!

And yawns...

And I love this one, too:

 Poor Mom, she accidentally doused her self with gasoline as we were filling up the rental car on the way to the airport.  Luckily no one stopped her at security, and she made her way to the bathroom to shampoo her hair in the sink!  What a trooper!

Hannah snuggling with Grandma on the flight home!

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