Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chcrs Far

First the m&m machine success and now this!  It's been a good day around here!  At some point after nap time, the kids got VERY excited about doing a fair in their room.  I'm not sure whose idea it was, but they spent a good 3 hours running around getting games set up and taping "ticket prices" onto the "prizes".  They worked really hard, and they could hardly stand to wait until Michael came home, dinner had been eaten and Hannah had been taken care of so they could start the fair!

They had set up lego car races on their road rug, a bumper boat competition using lego boats, a competition where you close your eyes and grab into a little pile of legos and see if you can find the yellow one, and a cookie walk!  They also had an intricate system of tokens, tickets, and a personalized scorecard for each person.  And an entire bed full of prizes to choose from, each with their own price tag.  And a lovely welcome sign!  We had a lot of fun, but mostly because they were so proud of themselves for doing everything, and it was so fun to watch.  Love our funny and sweet kids!

Here are some pictures from the fair!

Welcom to Chcrs Far, Welcom!  Translation: Welcome to Checkers Fair, Welcome!

Lego car races:

Sophie keeping track of her tokens on Michael's back:

Bumper boat competition:

Some of the prizes:

Cookie walk!

Sophie was the first winner and was pleased as punch:

Calvin won next, and thought he was pretty clever taking two cookies stuck together.  "MOM!!!! DOES THIS COUNT AS ONE?????" He was pretty pleased when I said yes.

But then, of course, Ryan won, and found THREE cookies stuck together, so he thought he was the most clever.  Then Michael made him share one with me.

Choosing prizes:

Sophie picked this soccer trophy from 1992!

And then she insisted on taking a picture of me:

Calvin picked out a bunch of things, but was most excited about these cars and nerf gun:

They were all taped together, so of course they only counted as one:

And Ryan chose the remote control cars (shocker!), but I didn't get a picture of that one.  Great night around here!


Michael said...

You didn't explain the games!

Bumper boats was the lego boats stuck on the end of a long lego, and you had to bump boats until one of them fell off of its long stick. The one which didn't fall of won.

And the game where you find the yellow lego was called "Pick the chick"

AnnaMarie said...

This is awesome. See what kids can do when you get rid of your Wii? ;)

Abbey said...

I'm gonna have those three plan our next family home evening activity around here. :) Love your kids.