Sunday, August 4, 2013

Calvin's Preschool Graduation!

Yes, this was back in May, but I found the pictures tonight that I had meant to post of Calvin's graduation, so I thought I would do that now!  We loved Calvin's preschool.  His teacher, Miss Joan, was so great.  Calvin sure loved her.  In fact, we saw her in the Fridley parade we went to a while ago, and he was SO excited to see her again.

I'm really glad we put Calvin in preschool.  He learned a lot about interacting with kids other than Ryan and Sophie, and I think it will serve him well in Kindergarten this year.  His graduation ceremony was cute, and AnnaMarie and the girls came to support, which was so sweet of them.  Calvin sang the songs he and his class worked on and then they walked across the stage and got their little preschool diplomas.  Calvin was oh so proud of himself!  It was a great day.  We're proud of you, buddy!

Calvin getting his diploma from Miss Joan:

So proud of himself!

With Katie and Jane and Sophie:

Happy little Calvin:

Calvin and AnnaMarie:

Me and Calvin:

Having snacks afterwards:

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AnnaMarie said...

That was a fun time. Love that Calvin boy.