Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hannah Banana

Well, my teensy tinsy little baby is already 3 months old!  Already she seems huge to me, and I feel like she is growing like a weed and the time is flying by.  I never did any updates on the blog here, but when I took her in for her 2 month check up back in June, she had flown from about the 10th percentile for weight to about the 85th, and was at the 4th percentile for height.  She had doubled her weight in about a month.  Go, baby, go!

Since then, she has slowed down and kind of figured things out in the eating department, so I am guessing that by her 4 month check up things will have evened out.  She's definitely not sleeping through the night yet, but nights are oh so much better than they used to be! Now instead of being awake for one and a half hours whenever she wakes up, she usually eats for 10 or 20 and is back in her crib asleep.  So that's been much nicer.  These days she usually goes to bed around 9:30 or 10, sleeps until 4 or 5, and then goes back to bed for 2 to 3 more hours.  So it's do-able.

Hannah is a nice little baby.  She is pretty easy going, and is good at being along for the ride wherever we go.  She loves her brothers and sister, but especially Ryan, I think mostly because he understands how to not be right in her face all the time.  Hannah gives me lots of smiles and has started giggling when I smooch her on her chubby little tummy and right under her neck rolls :)  I love her crazy huge grin when she's really excited about things.

Hannah has also just started playing with dangling toys this week, and it's fun to watch her reach for things and bat at her little toys.  She is very interested in them, and likes to look around at all of them.  I like watching her try to figure out how to make her arms and hands do what she wants.  It's kind of funny!  She also still loves her ladybug mobile in her crib.  And the kinds love winding it up to play music for her.

She also does pretty well in the bumbo these days, and it's fun to have her up there on the table looking at all of us at dinner time.  Usually Hannah goes to bed really well, but sometimes when we put her down to sleep, she'll still get sad because she is lonely, and I always go and get her when she does.  Those are the very best snuggle times.   She's a sweet little girl, and we sure are glad she's ours!

Here are some Hannah pictures!

Some sweet, squishy 1 month old pictures I never posted:

Here she is at 2 months, and just look at those thigh rolls!

And just this weekend at 3 months!

Sad baby!

Happy baby!

Happy and chubby baby.  This might be my favorite:

Love this little lady:

Showing off her toy swatting skills:

She would stick out her tongue while concentrating.  It was cute:

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AnnaMarie said...

I love this girl and all her rolls and chub!