Friday, July 26, 2013

Good for a laugh.

So, Monday was my lovely sister Kelly's birthday.  To celebrate, I took the kids to her house while Ken and Luke were on a fishing trip, and we had a sleepover!  It was awesome, and I will post more about it later, but I thought these two little ladies were especially hilarious.  It was fun to watch.

I'm bored.  And slightly grumpy.

Oh, look, a baby.

She is a happy baby!

 I should go check this out.

 She's still not all that fun.

 Wait, what's this?  A binky?

I shall try it out.

Wait, I think it's supposed to go in there.

Here, I'll get it for you.


Oh, you dropped it again.

Open your mouth!


And this is Cora yanking it back out afterwards.

Love these little girlies!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Familie Schreck!

What a great week we've had!  On Saturday, our long-lost Carolin came back for a visit from Germany and brought her family with her!  We have really missed Carolin.  She is as much a part of our family as all of the rest of us, and it has been so great to have her back for the week!  And her family is so lovely!  And I get to use my German, so that's a win-win-win!  Sidenote, my German skills are horrendous.  Turns out waiting 8 years between uses is not a great idea for language fluency.

Anyways, on Sunday we all went to the nature center to wander around and had a barbecue at AnnaMarie's house and just got to hang out and enjoy being all together.  It was lovely!  It was at that point that I decided to go up to Ironwood on Monday fro a couple of days.  I was just having too much fun with them to not go up :)  So on Monday, I drove the kids up north to Ironwood and got them in bed at a reasonable hour so that we could be ready to help the Schrecks explore Ironwood on Tuesday!

It was fun showing them around!  We saw the big Indian, toured the high school, ate pasties, played around, and on Wednesday we went for a hike to some waterfalls.  We had lots of fun together, and Carolin, her sister Charlotte, and her parents, Christian and Silke, were so sweet and helpful with the kids, and played with them pretty much the whole time.  It was so great!  Then on Wednesday we headed home at 5:00 and got there at 10:00, not bad!  It was a long drive, and we were glad to get back to Michael, but we had a great time!

Carolin, Silke and Charlotte with Hannah at AnnaMarie's house!

Charlotte was so sweet with Hannah:

At a park on Tuesday.  Christian helped the kids on the teeter-totters and they LOVED it!

Carolin pushing Sophie on the swing:

Christy with a snoozy little Hannah:

The boys checking out Hiawatha:

Sophie liked being on the teeter-totter, but only when it was firmly on the ground.

Hannah took a little nap:

 At Ironwood high school.  Ryan beat Christy in a foot race, but she was a good sport and high fived him anyways:

Carolin and Caroline!

Hannah really liked Silke!

Hannah and Christy, all ready for a hike!  I had been planning on carrying her, but Christy and Christian volunteered to carry her for me.  So nice!

Silke and Sophie buy the waterfalls.  All of the kids loved SIlke, but Sophie especially did.

Christy and Hannah at the falls:

And Calvin, too!  He was a happy little guy!

The whole gang hiking:

The Schreck Family!

Me and Silke and the kids:

Me and Carolin!

Me and the kids:

Ryan and Christian, just chatting:

Christy helping Sophie along:

Calvin and his walking sticks:

Me and my Hannah baby:

Christian taking a turn with Hannah:

 Silke with the flowers Calvin picked for her:

Sophie fell asleep on Carolin's shoulder!  She was a trooper to carry her.  She switched off with Christy.  They are my heroes!

Carolin and Christian, carrying my kids for me!

Probably my favorite couple of pictures from the hike.  Ryan was hiking a little too fast and took a little dive.

Nothing says "I'm a good mom" like making your kid pose for a picture after they fall down and before you wipe them off.  He was still sputtering dirt out of his mouth...

Christian at the Potawatomi Falla sign:

Carolin's shoulder was soaking wet.  Can you see the drool strings?  Nice.

Sophie fitting in a last-minute tea party with Charlotte and Silke right before we left on Wednesday evening.  She sure loves those guys!