Thursday, May 2, 2013

1 Month Old!

Wow, where did April go?  I can hardly believe my little Hannah is one month old today.  She is such a dream, I love her to pieces!  This week has been full of snuggles and naps together, since Grandma and Grandpa Walton took Sophie and Calvin to their house for the week (best parents ever).  I love getting to just stare at her and take in her sweet tiny-ness.  She is such a sweetheart!

She's found her inner newborn, and no longer does 6 or 7 hour blocks of sleep.  She's on a regimented 3 hour schedule now (regimented by herself, of course, and not by me!) and keeps it pretty much to a t.  Which means when she was 2 weeks old, I all of a sudden remembered what it felt like to have a newborn, where you only get 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night and that 4 or 5 hours is interrupted at least once by an hour-long feeding/burping/changing party.  But at least I'm still not as exhausted as I felt while I was still pregnant!  And my snuggle buddy is pretty adorable.

Hannah's been awake more these days, and she really loves to wiggle around, unswaddled, on the floor and just look at stuff.  She sleeps best all bundled up, so she seems pretty excited when she finally gets to flap around her arms and legs.  She loves to stare into your face when you're holding her, and I swear real smiles are only a couple of weeks away!

If I put Hannah in her crib (or bouncy chair, carseat, whatever) when she's not completely exhausted, she gets very lonely, and just wants to be held and looked at some more until she's ready.  I love it when I figure out what she wants and then get to see her immediately calm down and settle in, all cozy and content.  While I'm not working on sleep training or anything like that, I have been trying to feed her, then have her be awake for a while, and then put her to bed without nursing her when she is tired, and that's going well!  She's pretty good at it, and likes to look up at her mobile as she drifts off to sleep.  She's such a little angel.

She doesn't cry all that much, but when she really gets mad, her cries sound like a big, loud "LA!"  So I've taken to calling her "Lala" when she's mad at me.  Overall, though, she's a very patient little baby, and saves her angry cry until she really means it.

So, here are some 1 month old pictures of my little Hannah Banana!  Oh, and check out the absolutely darling quilt we got in the mail from Aunt Abbey yesterday!  It is so amazing, I don't know where she finds the time or the patience, but it is incredible!  We LOVE it!

Look at that little sweetie pie!  I just love her cheeks!

In deep thought...

Just chilling:

Fingers are yummy.

Such a sweet little girl:

Showing off her head-holding-up skills on Aunt Abbey's quilt:

It's like she is saying, "Whoa, check out that top stitching."  I'm pretty sure Abbey spent her entire semester just doing this.

So, happy one month, little Hannah!  We sure love you so, so much!