Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sophie is 3!!!

Well, my great big Sophie girl turned 3 years old on Saturday!  I can't believe she is already that big.  Sophie had such a great birthday this year, all thanks to our amazing families!  Since I was in the hospital all week and got home Friday afternoon, I didn't do anything in the way of planning for her birthday.  Michael and I are just lucky that we ordered her presents in time!  But everybody else stepped in and made her birthday really REALLY great. 

Grandma and Grandpa got into town on Friday evening, but Sophie was already in bed, since we wanted to make sure she got a good night's sleep.  So Grandma and Grandpa took the boys to the hotel to sleep there, and took them to breakfast and had them out running errands all morning.  So that meant Sophie slept in and when she finally woke up she was very happy, and totally excited about the curly ribbons hanging in her doorway.  Michael took her to the grocery store where she got to pick out everything that she wanted for her special birthday breakfast.  Sophie is a late breakfast eater, so that worked out perfectly! 

She had fun with Michael and then the three of us enjoyed a nice breakfast with all of Sophie's favorites: blueberries, raspberries, sausage, juice, and oatmeal.  She was very happy about it all.  Then Grandma and Grandpa came over and played around for a little while and then they took Sophie out to find a park or a play land to go play at with her brothers.  Worked out great for us. because Michael and I got to watch general conference and relax on the couch while they were gone!

When they got back, it was party time!  Michael had prepared a tasty lunch and Grandpa Ernie, Christy, Lubiana, Kelly and Ken's whole family, and AnnaMarie and Tyler's whole family came over to join in the party!  Christy and AnnaMarie made an amazing, absolutely delicious chocolate cake for Sophie, complete with lollipops (her only request was that her cake involve lollipops), and made cheesecake, too!  And AnnaMarie picked up birthday plates and paper goods and a really cute birthday banner, which Sophie LOVED.  So we had lunch and then had cake and ice cream afterwards.  Sophie was so cute sitting there smiling while everyone sang to her.  You could tell she definitely felt special!

Then after lunch Grandma and Grandpa took everyone over to Chuck E Cheese!  I thought we were just "going to Chuck E Cheese" but instead it was an amazing birthday party with all of the bells and whistles.  Sophie was SO SO SO happy.  She got to wear an inflatable crown, got a special birthday medal to wear around her neck, got to play all of the games she could ever want, got to meet and get a special hug from Chuck E Cheese, got to do a pinata, ate pizza, you name it.  And all with her very favorite people in the world--her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins!  She really had so much fun!

Being the birthday girl, Sophie also got to go in the "ticket blaster" booth, where you stand inside and tickets blow around and you try to grab them.  Well, she loved it until the tickets actually started blowing around, and then she really freaked out, as I suspected.  So, she got out, and we had Katie and Lily hop in to take her place, and boy did they have fun!  And Sophie had much more fun watching them rather than doing it herself :)  They did great, and thanks to the ticket blaster and a very nimble-fingered Katie (and Lily...but mostly Katie) Sophie came away with 1800 tickets!  Somebody had grabbed a 1000 ticket card, so that's what got her so many.  She was so thrilled!

At the very end, it was time to open presents.  Sophie loved them!  She really made out like a bandit.  She loved everything, but probably the toy that she has loved the most so far was an interactive book and stuffed animal set from Janny.  She LOVES having us read the book to her and having ABigail the bunny talk back to us as we read.  It's pretty adorable. 

So, after Chuck E Cheese, it was 5:00 and Sophie was already pretty much ready to pass out, but instead we snuck in a couple more hours of cousin play time, and then finally tucked her in!  She was one tired but happy girl, and she had a truly excellent 3rd birthday!

Once again, thanks to everyone for coming and helping and picking up the slack while I was out of commission.  You guys are the best, and you really made her day special!  We love you all!

And now, for way too many pictures from her special day!

Sophie showing me how old she is:

Hanging out with Grandma and Daddy:

 Tickles from Grandpa Walton:

When Katie and Jane saw my dad they were so excited to see him!  It was cute.

Doesn't Evelyn look so grown up?  What a little lady, holding my little Hannah girl!

They just came for the food.

Evie and Sophie:

Lily and Hannah:

We have limited table space, so the kids had a picnic in Ryan and Calvin's room!

Kelly and Cora:

Everybody enjoying lunch:

Cora trying to take a bite of baby Hannah.  I'm sure they'll wind up being friends...

Jack loving on baby Hannah:

This is a series of pictures of my trying to get Sophie to smile next to her cake.  I can tell 3 is going to be a bang up year.


All of the cousins gathered around to sing to Sophie:

I love how happy she looks here:

And here:

Hannah stole one of the lollipops from the cake...

 But it was ok, because Sophie got the purple one:

Aiden wrestling with Lily:

Grandpa and Hannah:

Ryan loved this race car game at Chuck E Cheese:

Sophie had so much fun playing around with Christy, Grandma and everyone else!

Calvin and Michael playing skiball:

Katie trying her hand at some games:

Sophie in the booth before the tickets actually started blowing...

Panic ensues...

Katie and Lily take over:

Michael and Calvin and Ryan playing race cars:

AnnaMarie was really getting into it:

Sitting at the party table, waiting for Chuck E Cheese:

She LOVED him!  She loves anything in a costume, though...

Cora and Grandpa:

Happy Sophie girl:

Blowing out her candle:

Luke and Hannah:

Doing the pinata:

Grandpa Ernie, baby whisperer.  He had Aiden and Hannah sleeping in his arms.   Pretty amazing!

Sophie loved this cupcake maker from Grandpa:

And this barbie and its remote control car from Grandma and Grandpa Walton:

But most of all this Abigail bunny and her book :)


AnnaMarie said...

So cute. What. Great day!

Allison said...

I can't believe all you fit into one day! Serious birthday fun! Happy Birthday Sophie:)