Sunday, April 14, 2013

Moore, party of 6.

Life has been speeding right on by!  It's been a great almost 2 weeks since Hannah made her arrival!  We had my parents and Ernie and Christy and Lubiana all around last weekend, and everyone left on Saturday and Sunday except my dad, who stayed to help out for the week.  He's so great!

I have really never been all that much of a homebody, but I was pretty content to not really have anything much to do this week.  Dad took us out for lunch a couple of times and we did some errands, but mostly we just stayed home!  It was delightful.  Mostly because Grandpa did the dishes, took kids to school, picked up kids from school, and played with kids.  And held and/or fed the baby.  And I got daily naps.  And friends brought over delicious meals.  And it was all so GREAT!

My parents are seriously the best.  I never blogged about my trip to their house, because I was tired of not having had this baby yet, and then all of a sudden I had already had the baby, and then I was busy...but a few weeks ago the kids and I went to visit my parents for a few days up in North Dakota.  I had been planning on going for a while, and then the kids took turns getting sick in the days leading up to our departure.  A polite and nice daughter would have rescheduled.  I asked my parents if they minded if we came anyways (of course they said no...) and off we went!

It was actually pretty humorous.  I was deciding between going on a Thursday during the day or on a Friday morning, and it had been such an awful few days of kids throwing up all over and Michael having school and work until 10:15 pm that I just couldn't take it any more.  So I literally threw whatever I could grab into the suitcase in a big jumbled pile and buckled Calvin in with his barf bucket, and Sophie with her snuggle friend, picked Ryan up from school early and hit the road.  I felt like a refugee, escaping my imminent mental breakdown!  And it worked!  Even though Calvin threw up multiple times on the way there, at least he knows how to get it in the bucket!

So, we took over my parents' house from Thursday evening until Tuesday morning!  They were truly incredible sports about the whole thing.  Part of the reason why I just really needed to have some help was because I had been feeling crummy all week myself, and taking care of sick kids on top of that was less than delightful.  Well, on Friday morning I went into an urgent care clinic in Grand Forks, and it turns out I had a sinus infection.  I'm not sure if I don't remember how they feel, or if I've never had one, or what, but it was the most painful experience of my entire life, besides childbirth.  It was so horrible.  The tooth pain was out of control, and the headaches were horrible.  And since I was pregnant, I couldn't take anything but tylenol, which was utterly useless.

But lucky for me, I was at my parents' house!  Dr. Kelly told me some other things I could take to help with the pain, and my parents sent me to bed at 5:30 and just took care of the kids.  They are the best!  It was a good thing I had gotten about 10 hours of sleep by 3 AM, because that was when Sophie woke up throwing up all over.  Poor kid.  But I felt great, thanks to some pain relief, tylenol pm, sudafed and an antibiotic!

Calvin and Ryan were fit as fiddles the whole time we were there, though, so that's lucky, because on Saturday night we all headed out to the monster truck show my parents had purchased tickets to!  I knew I probably shouldn't take Sophie, but she REALLY wanted to go.  So I drove separately and brought her.  And she LOVED it!  For the first 30 minutes.  Then she threw up the entire bag of dried mangoes she pounded right before the show, and the best part was that she threw it up all over a tarp that was laid over the few rows of seats in front of us, so it was like a lava flow of mango throw up all down the tarp.  So great, right??  So I brought her home and we slept and had a nice evening, and the boys stayed with Grandma and Grandpa and had the time of their lives at the truck show!  Sophie felt a lot better, with no throwing up at night.  But she did wake up once because she needed to be tucked back in.  When I went in she said, "Mom, I just don't want to eat any more mangoes ever again!"  It was very funny.

Other fun activities included sledding, getting matching pedicures for me, Sophie and Grandma, lots of movies, eating out at a Teppanyaki grill, going to meet Grandma for lunch at her office, and going baby clothes shopping!  Even through there was a lot of throwing up and whatnot, it was an ideal trip for me!  I just kept imagining what that weekend would have been like if we had stayed home!  My parents are seriously the greatest.  I owe you guys, big time! 

We headed home on Tuesday, and this time Sophie threw up the whole way home.  But she's not good at getting it in the bucket.  So I ended up detailing the car myself that week, too.  But still worth it!

So, my point is, my parents are incredible!  I'm a lucky girl!  We sure miss having Grandpa around.  Now it's real life with our party of 6!  Bring it on!  As long as Grandma and Grandpa come back sometime soon.  Otherwise, we might just have to go up there!

Here are some pictures of our adventures lately:

Adventure #1, trying to get a picture of all 4 of my kids!  (the lighting was all wrong and the bribes weren't good enough, so I gave up actually trying to get a "good" picture)

Might be my favorite picture of Ryan of all time:

And one of my girls!

Hannah helping Grandpa do the dishes:

Hannah helping Grandpa take a nap:

Spring in Minnesota is a joke.  And not a very funny one either.  Just as I was excited about having all of the snow melted, it shows up again.  And it just keeps coming!  Calvin and Sophie came to terms with it, though.  But only after Calvin said, "Mom, I am so sad!  Do you know why?  I was so excited for spring, and now spring is CANCELLED!"

 They also liked the hot cocoa afterwards:

  While Grandpa held Hannah one day, and while Calvin and Ryan were both at school, Sophie and I had a tea party!  And it was really fun.

Also, since I was packing in such a hurry before leaving for my parents' house, I forgot my camera.  My mom took some pictures on her phone, but then her phone died and she couldn't recover any pictures :( So just imagine some great monster truck show and pedicure pictures!


AnnaMarie said...

What a great attitude! Glad everyone is healthy again, and that you have had so much help. I wish I could do more!

Elizabeth said...

Lava flow of mango throw up!
Good grief! HAhahaha, I'm glad you just packed up the kids and went.
That's what I would have done in your shoes, except I would have forgotten to pack and just like, picked them up cheap clothes at WalMart. So, I'm impressed that you had it relatively together.

Elizabeth said...

Lava flow of mango throw up!
Good Grief!
I'm glad you just rounded up the kids and went. That's what I would have done in your shoes, but I probably wouldn't have packed at all, but just bought them cheap clothes at WalMart.
So I'm impressed that you have it relatively together, haha!