Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hannah Danica Moore

We were thrilled to welcome little Hannah into the world yesterday morning, April 2nd at 4:45 am!  She weighed in at 6 lbs 15 oz and is 20 inches long.  She's got gorgeous "male-patterended baldness/mullet" hair and what might turn out to be brown or hazel eyes.  Even though she's our smallest baby, she still somehow seems pretty chubby to me, and I love her squishy cheeks and adorable rolls.  And I double love her squeaks.  Welcome, baby Hannah!  We are so glad to have you here!

So here's the story.  I have been rooting for a past 37 weeks yet still early baby for a long time (I'm pretty sure every pregnant woman feels the same way) but didn't actually think I would get my wish.  After all, my babies are never early.  Well, Sophie was, but that was a scheduled c-section, and I had zero signs of labor leading up to that one.  Anyways, I had been having a few contractions here and there, and then on Monday morning (April fools day, of course) I started having a lot of them.  They started at 4 or 5 am and came and went, but then right smack dab in the middle of my piano lesson they started up in a big way.  Well, a big-ger way, anyways. 

So, I headed home and stuck Sophie and Calvin in front of a movie, cancelled our plans to go swimming with AnnaMarie (sorry!) and laid down to time contractions instead!  Well, April Fools!  They went away.  So, I got back to my day and we picked up Ryan from school and then ended up meeting AnnaMarie, Christy, Lubiana and everyone at HOM furniture for a while.  Then we headed home, witnessed a car accident, waited around to give my statement to police, and finally got home and had some dinner. 

I had been thinking that all of this felt a lot like when I went into labor with Calvin.  Early morning contractions, regular contractions for a while throughout the day, then everything goes away.  With Calvin they started for real around 8:00 pm and then he was born at 1:30 am the next morning.  So, I was thinking that it still might end up being the real deal, but didn't want to get my hopes up.  Well, contractions came back for a little while at around 10:00, but weren't very regular, so I went to bed at 11.  Then at around 11:30 they started coming regularly, and I dozed in-between timing contractions until 1:30 am, when I called the on call doctor.  They were 10 minutes apart and the doctor said to come on in!  So Michael went and picked up Christy who came to stay with the kids and we headed to the hospital! 

We got there around 2:15 and by the time I got hooked up to the monitors I was having contractions 3 minutes apart.  But then the nurse told me that I wasn't dialated at all and that it was probably just dehydration.  But I knew for sure I wasn't dehydrated because I had been chugging water ever since the contractions started early in the morning just so I wouldn't be sent home for dehydration, should I go into the hospital.

Anyways, eventually, my doctor decided it was the real deal and started prepping me for surgery (after 3 c-sections, the only way I could try a vbac was essentially at home, and I'm just not comfortable with that option...).  I was so very excited!  Grinning ear to ear the whole time.  Except maybe during the i.v. placement.  And the spinal. 

Michael looked handsome as ever in his scrubs and we were ready to meet that little lady!  And at 4:45 am, out she came!  She was so beautiful, and I cried and cried out of pure happiness.  Everything went great!  I did have a small bout of nausea after the surgery, but at least it didn't last long.  After everything was done the nurse said, "You did great!  I mean, you were smiling the ENTIRE time!  Even when you were puking!"  It was funny.  And Hannah was healthy and lovely and came out working those lungs with a beautifully loud holler.  We got to cuddle her and love on her while they stitched me up, and I was only apart from her for maybe 20 minutes, and then was able to hold her and nurse her in the recovery room.  It was all perfect, and we are so thrilled to have sweet little Hannah here with us!

So, here are some pictures of Hannah's big first day (and some from her second day, too)!

Last pregnant belly shot!

Prepped and ready!  Eeek!

Out she came!

See what I mean?  She looks pretty chubby to me!

Me and my girl:

Sweet little baby:

Holding Hannah in the recovery room:

Snuggles after we finally got to our room!

This is pretty much how she spent her whole first day.  So sleepy!

She got a wake-up call round 4 when the whole crew came to visit!  First picture if my girls together.  Classic, Sophie!

Everybody checking out baby Hannah:


Calvin (and his crazy nap hair) checking out her toes:

And giving eskimo kisses:

Ryan was so happy!  He kept pointing out how tiny all her features were.  He's a good big brother!

Sophie giving Hannah the ballerina bunny she picked out for her:


 Love this one!

And this one!

She was determined to sleep no matter what:

Finally I got a couple with her eyes open:

Snuggles with Daddy:

Michael playing with her squishy cheeks:

I love this picture!

And this one!

In her going home outfit from Grandma!

Welcome, Hannah!  We love you so much!


Amber said...

Awwwww! What a doll. And what a good girl to make your dreams of an early but healthy baby come true! Congrats again. You guys have such a beautiful family.

Lindsey Hicks said...

What a beauty! And how perfect to have two boys and two girls?! I love that Hannah got to make such a grand, surprise of an entrance all on her own time table.

AnnaMarie said...

She is an absolute angel! Those are hands down the best in-hospital photos I have ever seen. What a lucky girl. Some of those Sophie ones are priceless! :)

Emily said...

Love the bunny pics. Congrats!!