Monday, April 8, 2013

Home from the hospital!

Well, we're home from the hospital!  We came home on Friday afternoon and it is so great to be home all together!  It was fun to pile into the car with all 4 kids and look back and see our minivan almost full to capacity.  The kids were so excited to welcome Hannah home.  Michael bought me some beautiful tulips, he and the kids cleaned the house, and the kids made some sweet welcome home pictures for Hannah.  It was a great homecoming. 

Later that evening Tyler dropped by with some dinner AnnaMarie made for us, and my parents also got into town and got to meet baby Hannah!  They got some good cuddle time and then they headed to their hotel and took the boys with them (we kept Sophie here to make sure she got a good night's sleep for her birthday the next day).  The boys had a great time, and Sophie was very excited to fall asleep with her baby sister in the room!

Hannah has been a great sleeper so far.  Well, she actually pretty much sleeps all the time, occasionally waking up to eat, and then pretty much falling right back asleep.  The first night she slept from 10:30 pm to 5 am, and the second night she slept from 10 to 12:30, ate for 10 minutes, and then slept until 6:15.  Seriously, are you a newborn, little baby?  I'm sure she'll grow out of it, but for now, I'll take it!

The kids all adore her and are so happy to have her around.  Ryan seems especially enamored and always wants to hold her as soon as he wakes up.  He tried to convince me to let him snuggle her in his bed last night.  Sorry pal, I don't trust you quite that much!  But they are all being great big siblings and are very sweet to their little Hannah girl.

C-section recovery is no picnic, but so far it's going well, just like the last 3 times.  But I don't recall having a hard time being comfortable laying down in bed the last 3 times, but this time, man it is just really uncomfortable!  I managed to get mostly comfortable sleeping on a stack of 7 pillows with an 8th pillow under my knees.  Seriously.  But it works well enough to get me to sleep!  Michael is being such a great help and taking good care of me.  Every day it hurts a little less, so hopefully soon it will be all better!  Also, I can't wait to sleep on my stomach again.  Someday!

So here are some pictures since coming home on Friday!  Enjoy!

Here's Hannah in her cute going home outfit!  About 60 seconds after I took this picture, she pooped all over it.  So she didn't actually go home in it...

Snuggling daddy after her outfit change:

So wide awake!

Going home!

At home in her crib:

Then the kids found her and shared some toys with her.

 Brother snuggles:

Meeting Grandma!

Together with Grandma and Grandpa Walton:

 I love this one of Grandma and Hannah:

Ryan sure loves her:

 Grandma and Calvin, checking out Hannah:

Meeting Uncle Tyler:

 Katie holding Hannah:

Lubiana getting some snuggle time:

Meeting Grandpa Ernie!

 Kelly getting her snuggles in:

Sophie got a bunch of slap bracelets for her birthday, and Michael snuck them all over Hannah.  Sophie's worst nightmare had come true--her baby sister was stealing her toys!  She started freaking out a little, but then came to terms with it.  Well, at least stopped freaking out and then calmly took them off...

I like how she wears this headband.

 My girls hanging out with both their Grandpas!

Calvin is a sweet smiley guy with his Hannah girl:

Grandpa and a tired little Hannah:

Ryan playing trouble with his Grandpas!

Afternoon nap!

She woke up!  For like a second!

Ryan really wanted to hold her the second he rolled out of bed this morning:

And that's our life so far with 4 kids at home!


AnnaMarie said...

That sounds just perfect. I love her yawning pictures. It's so tiring being so little and cute!

Emily said...

Glad she's sleeping for you! What a cutie! Hope your recovery gets better and faster. :) And Ansley had that little striped outfit when she was a baby.