Saturday, April 27, 2013

Calvin is 5!

Well, my little guy is 5 years old!  How in the world did that happen?  It doesn't seem at all like it was that long ago!  I hadn't really decided what to do for Calvin's birthday, since it was supposed to be just a week after Hannah's arrival.  But since she came early, I decided I could handle a friend party by that point :)  Only I didn't even get my act together and invite people until about 3 days before the party...but lucky for us we have great friends that came anyways!

Calvin wanted a shark party, so AnnaMarie helped me make dorsal fins for the party guests, and I found some shark games to play, made ocean jell-o cups, found a shark pinata, made a shark cake, and voila--shark party!  Calvin loved it, but most of all loved having his friends over to celebrate him.  It was so much fun!

So the party was on a Saturday, but his actual birthday was the following Monday.  It's always so confusing for little kids when everything is not all on the same day!  But he had a great birthday, too!  We started out the day with orange rolls and chocolate milk and strawberries for breakfast and let Calvin open his presents right away after breakfast so Michael could be there for it and so that Calvin wouldn't have to wait until dinner time.  Boy did he LOVE his presents this year :)  Calvin is pretty easy to shop for, we really had him pegged!  He got an awesome shark shirt, a spirograph (loved those things when I was little!), a Where's Waldo book, a batting tee, and best best best of all, Michael made (yes, made!) Calvin his own real working bow and arrow set!  Calvin was beyond excited, and it was adorable!  He can also even kind of shoot it if you get the arrow in place for him!  It's awesome.

So, then I took Calvin to preschool with cupcakes to share with his class, and then Sophie and I headed to the mall where I took my computer in to get the power cord replaced only to find out that the problem was actually that there was a puddle of standing water inside my 4 month old mac book pro and the entire thing was that made me a little bit grumpy for the next few hours!

But I tried to be a nice mommy and make sure Calvin had fun anyways!  I let him have some special ipad time while Sophie napped.  I was really excited because Michael changed the password to 5555 just for his birthday, and he was overjoyed to be able to play it pretty much whenever he wanted.

Then we had AnnaMarie and the gang over for a sloppy joe dinner and Calvin's dessert choice--CherryBerry Pie and vanilla ice cream.  The best part was when he blew out his candle...with his nose.  Seriously.  Anyways, it was fun to have everybody there to sing to him on his birthday, and he felt very loved and very special!  It was a great birthday for my little man!

Oh, and the week before his birthday, Kelly and Cora and Lily came up to celebrate with him early!  Kelly made some seriously amazing dinosaur cupcakes and we all went to Burger King for the kids to have lunch and cupcakes and play at the play land.  Calvin was SO happy, and it was awesome!  The kids had a great time.  Thanks for making him feel so special, Kelly!

Here are a few things about Calvin at 5:

-He is still so loving--he's my tender little guy.  He loves to snuggle, especially in the morning.  He gives great hugs, always has, and I hope he always will.
-Calvin is also still my little storm cloud.  If he perceives an injustice, he puts on his grumpy face for the next few hours and it's pretty much impossible to coax him out of it.  Unless you resort to giving him whatever he wants regardless of his behavior :)  Then he's fine!  Most of the time he seems to just do it for my benefit, as an attention ploy.  Like in church, when I'm teaching the childrens' music time, and he pouts and grumps the entire time, but is fine when I'm not in there.  Or in preschool, when I look in the window and he's mister happy but then I appear in the doorway and he sees me and immediately puts on his grumpy whiney face.  Maybe he'll grow out of that one by the time he's a teenager...
-Calvin is so good at sharing (most of the time!).  He is willing to give up treats, toys, etc., just to be nice, which I love about him!  He is especially sweet to share with Ryan, even when Ryan really doesn't deserve it.
-He plays so very well with Sophie.  With Ryan at school all day, she has become Calvin's best friend, and I love watching that.  He is very sweet with her.
-Calvin is a pretty good little athlete, although is still working on things in the bravery department.  For example, yesterday he asked uncle Tyler (who was dribbling a basketball) if he could have the ball.  Tyler said, "Sure, come get it from me!" and Calvin responded "No, that's too dangerous!"
-Calvin is very good at making up pretend things to play.  He also loves his card, toys, legos, etc., but he's always game to make up some pretend world, usually with Sophie, and run off doing make believe things.
-He is so excited to start Kindergarten in the fall!  He's recognizing more letters and numbers, etc., and he's excited to make new friends there, too.
-Calvin loves sharks, all animals, dinosaurs, dogs, cars, transformers, sports, playing outside, and pancakes.

So, here are some pictures from Calvin's big day!  Happy Birthday, buddy!  We love you!

Kelly's awesome dinosaur cupcakes:

Calvin, Sophie and Lily at Burger King:

King Calvin:


Blowing out candles with Aunt Kelly:

Eating a dino:

He LOVED it, as you can tell:

 Kelly, Lily and Cora:

Opening his present:

He was very excited about the dream lite:

Calvin with Kelly and baby Cora:

Me and gorgeous little CC girl:

Kelly and Cora:

Calvin's birthday party spread:


Party favors--they were supposed to look like a little ocean, but it's pretty hard to find blue candy!  So it looked less like an ocean, but the kids liked them!

Playing "sharks and dolphins":

Opening presents:



Katie, taking a crack at it:

Love this one of Jane--she has her eyes closed and everything!

Calvin trying again:

Sophie with her shark fin:

Opening presents on his actual birthday:

He LOVED his bow and arrows:

Shark shirt!  He runs around chomping people all day when he wears it.  Ithink we aren't supposed to let him wear it to preschool anymore...never thought I'd be one of THOSE parents...

He also really loved his Waldo book:

Practicing with his tee:

And with his bow:

Opening some presents from Grandpa Moore and Christy and Benjamin and Auntie Janny yesterday at AnnaMarie's house:

He was so excited about his glow dome from Janny.  Thanks, Janny!  You're the best!

Doing some spirographs:

I love this one of my guy with his pie!  He's such a sweetie:

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Button Up Your Overcoat

This is bedtime on a good night.


We had a great Easter weekend!  Ernie and Christy and Lubiana all came into town (Dad was dropping the girls off for the week--turned out to be pretty convenient for me, come Monday night, that's for sure!) so we got to have lots of fun family activities together, which was really nice!

On Friday, before everybody got into town, we also got to do an egg hunt with lots of our good friends from church, and there was even an appearance by the Easter Bunny himself!  Sophie was ecstatic--she really really loves anything in a costume!  Calvin managed to give him a high five, so I think he liked him okay, but then preferred to keep his distance!  Anyways, the egg hunt was so much fun, and the kids all had such a great time!  And I had a great time spending time with friends!

Even though he didn't have school, Ryan wasn't around for the egg hunt--but don't feel too bad for him!  Instead, he spent all day with his little friend Vanessa and her family going bowling, doing arcade games at the bowling alley, having lunch, playing basketball in the driveway, and so on!  He was adorable on the way home.  He was just SO happy.  He was telling me "Mom, I just had SUCH a good time!  I really think Ryan (Vanessa's dad) is like my FRIEND, I mean, we are friends, because he was just SO nice to me!  There wasn't anything about this WHOLE DAY that I didn't like!"  It was really cute, and I was so glad he got to spend a day having fun with friends.  It seemed really timely, because lately it seems like he's having a bit of a hard time with his friends at school, probably mostly because Ryan is completely obsessed with race cars and never wants to do or talk about anything else, so he has a hard time feeling fulfilled at recess...but anyways, he was needing a feel-good day with friends, and that's exactly what he got!  I was really happy for him.

On Saturday, we had a delicious lunch at AnnaMarie and Tyler's house with all of the family.  It was awesome, AnnaMarie made some very cool carrot crescent rolls!  After lunch, we had an egg hunt in the basement and the kids, of course, really loved that!  It was lots of fun to spend the afternoon together!

We brought the kids home for a late nap so we could keep them up a bit later and dye eggs with Grandpa!  The kids loved it, as usual.  Calvin's favorite way to color the eggs was to make them kind of green and kind of brown and call them dinosaur eggs.  We had a nice time doing that all together.

On Sunday, the kids woke up to their Easter Baskets, which was fun.  I'm not quite sure how to handle Easter.  I want to make sure they know that it's not about candy and egg hunts and baskets, but I also just didn't get things together in time to do the baskets the day before or anything like that.  So I settled on Easter baskets Sunday morning with a nice little talk about our Savior and the true meaning of Easter.  I think they got the picture.  Maybe I'll get my act more together next year...

Anyways, after church we headed back over to AnnaMarie's house for a lovely Easter ham dinner!  I did contribute food to both meals, lest you all think I'm a great big mooch!  Anyways, the food was great and the company was even better.  It was a really nice Easter weekend, and great to relax with family!  Especially considering the busy week we ended up having afterwards, with Hannah surprising us! 

So, here are a bunch of pictures from our Easter celebrations!  Enjoy!

Sophie and the Easter Bunny!

Calvin giving him a high 5:

 Sophie checking out some of her loot:

 Our whole group of friends at the egg hunt:

Kids' lunch at AnnaMarie's:

Kids' food up close:

Lining up for the egg hunt:

 Sophie finding some:

Calvin finding some:

And Ryan, too:

 Fun with play dough on Saturday morning:

Calvin insisted that I take a picture of his "planet earth" before I put it away:

Then I started putting Sophie's creations away and she totally freaked out because she didn't get a picture with here she is, doing her best to smile in the middle of a freak out:

I made these sugar cookie easter baskets to bring along.  They tasted amazing, even if they didn't look it:

Dying Easter eggs!   This is our last picture as a family of 5!

Grandpa reading stories to the kids before bed.  They love their Grandpa!

Getting their Easter baskets on Sunday morning:

Sophie was VERY excited about the peeps:

And Calvin loved his pez:

Happy kiddos:

I love finding Sophie and Calvin playing nice games.  Here they are, where I found them playing so nicely together in Sophie's closet!  They were really cute:

All ready for church in their Easter duds from Grandma and their ties from Wynn and Paula Ferrell!

Love this one of Ryan and Sophie:

Cupcakes after lunch!

Naps after cupcakes:

It was a delightful weekend!