Monday, March 18, 2013

Soooo far behind!

Hi everyone!  Well, we're still here!  And I still haven't posted about the rest of our Florida trip in February, about Ryan's 7th birthday, or any of the awesome happening since.  So, here you go, the rest of our Florida trip in a nutshell!

So, as I said before, we did Universal/Animal Kingdom on Friday and Magic Kingdom on Saturday, and it was all boatloads of fun.  But it was also all very exhausting!  Did I mention we stayed at the park until 11:30 pm on Saturday night?  It was crazy.  So we all slept in a little on Sunday, and my parents had to head to the airport around noon, so we got all ready and dropped them off.  It's great living only a few hours away from them, it's makes goodbyes so much easier!  The kids were sad to see them go, that's for sure, but it didn't take them too, too long to recover.  After all we were still in Florida and still had beautiful 80 degree weather to enjoy!

We did enjoy the weather for a little while, since on the way back from the airport we stopped by the Orlando Temple (of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and had a picnic lunch and walked around the grounds for a while.  It was beautiful and peaceful, and we had a great time relaxing.  I did more sitting than walking, since I was seriously disabled from dragging my ever expanding belly around Disney for 2 full, long days, but it was still lovely.  I could hardly walk.  Seriously, my stomach muscles felt exactly like they did after my c-sections.  Need help getting out of bed, help standing or sitting, serious pain and can hardly walk. 

So the good news is that we didn't have anything else planned for the entire day!  And the kids badly BADLY needed naps, so we headed back to the hotel for some naps and some fun family games.  We had a great time, and it was awesome to have a day of down time. 

Monday was our beach day!  We got up and out the door on the early side since we drove to the Gulf of Mexico side of Florida to Madeira Beach, where we had read we might have some good luck finding sharks teeth.  We didn't end up finding any sharks teeth, but the beach there was absolutely perfect!  The kids played all day, running in and out of the waves, building sand castles, turning themselves into "cinnamon doughnuts", playing baby turtle, you name it!  Michael and Ryan even tried out a little bit of snorkeling.  It was such a perfect day!  We rented a beach canopy thing with chairs, so we had a nice shady place to eat lunch, etc.  It was gorgeous! 

After spending most of the day there, we headed down the coast a few miles to another beach that someone recommended to us.  This one had lots more shells and treasures for the kids to sort through and find, so that was fun!  They collected a lot of shells!  Sophie had a piece of a pretty big shell and she fell in love with it.  The only problem was that she liked to throw it back into the water and then try to find it again.  Well, when she threw it in just as a big wave was coming her way, it disappeared, and she was very distraught!  Poor Sophie!  Then Michael helped her feel better by finding her a purple shell.  Way to go, Dad!

After that beach, we stopped for a bite to eat at a really awesome barbecue place.  It REALLY hit the spot, and after that we were on our way back to Orlando.  It was such an awesome day!

So, here are a bunch of pictures!

Sophie and Calvin outside of the temple:

Happy little Sophie:

All 3 kiddos:

Michael found this little lizard, and they were all enthralled:

Love the look on Ryan's face:

Michael would bother the lizard, and then it would jump and try to bite him.  The kids thought this was hilarious.

The temple:

Cute kiddos:

Ryan tried out his photography skills:

Sophie at the beach!

Michael and Ryan off to snorkel!

Happy Ryan boy!

Testing out the water:

Calvin wrote his name and Sophie's name in the sand.  He was very proud!

The kids playing "baby turtle".  I think they just sit in the sand and pretend to be baby turtles.

3 Amigos!

Calvin had a lot of fun with this boat!

Sophie watching the waves.  This girl was not scared of the cold water at all!  She LOVED it!

Calvin and Sophie strolling down the beach:

Happy little Sophie fish:

Ryan was not as big of a fan of the cold water, but he loved the towels!

Sophie and Daddy!

3 cute kiddos:

Sophie taking a turn with the boat:

Me and baby, relaxing on the beach!

 A great beach day!

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AnnaMarie said...

What awesome pictures! Oh, how I wish for beach days... So glad you guys had such a great time making memories together in the sun!