Thursday, March 21, 2013

A really great day!

We interrupt this regularly scheduled catch-up blogging to inform you that yesterday was a really great day!  It started out with me having enough time and energy to actually get my house clean (for the first time in a while...) and just went uphill from there!  Kelly came over and we made a bazillion delicious dinners for my freezer for the coming weeks, Cora chilled out in the bumbo and was the happiest baby ever, Lily and Sophie did hair together and had SO much fun, Calvin tried to teach Sophie how to be a ballerina, we got an awesome package from Auntie Reeny, Michael and I went on a really fun date with some good friends, and then to top it all off, Ryan lost his first tooth.  But seriously, if you know Ryan, did you ever think for one second that the story of him losing his first tooth would be a typical situation?  Oh, you didn't?

This is actually one of my favorite Ryan stories, maybe almost ever.  Let me tell you all about it.  Ryan has had this loose tooth for a few days, and it has been getting progressively loose-er.  He has come up with a few ways to get it out, but always chickens out and says he'll just wait.  They were just like "I'll pull it out!" or "Calvin, you can pull it out!" or "Dad can pull it out" but then he decides to just wait.  Well, after we got back from our date, Ryan was still awake.  I had hopped in the shower, and so I only overheard bits and pieces of Ryan's conversation with Michael, but apparently Ryan got the great idea to tie a string to his tooth, and then tie the other end of the string to his remote control car and let the car yank it out!  By the time I was out of the shower and dressed, Ryan had a piece of dental floss tied around his tooth and had the car ready to go.

I tend to get squeamish about stuff like this, so I let them go try it out in the other room :)  The best part?  Michael caught the whole thing on camera!  Take a look!

Hahaha!  I laugh so hard every time!  Ryan was all ready to go and drove the car off, only to have it crash into a wall before the floss was being pulled tight.  I guess that was enough to scare him, though, because, true to his recent loose-tooth form, he chickened right out saying he was too cold and wanted to get back in bed. Well, in his anxiety to get the floss off of his tooth before he could change his mind and drive the car again, he yanked that puppy right out!  It was hilarious, and poor Ryan was shocked and didn't know what to think!  But eventually he was just plain proud of himself.  Me too, buddy.  Me too.

Well, here are a few more pictures from our great day yesterday!  Enjoy!

The kids enjoying the bubbles from Reeny's package.  (By the way, I actually do Sophie's hair everyday, it just doesn't look like it, because she takes it out at naptime... ) They LOVED the bubbles, and all of the other goodies!  Thanks so much, Reeny!

Sophie, after Lily did her hair.  Awesome, right?

I love these girls!

And these ones, too!  Cora was such a sweet little thing!  I can't believe she is already going on 9 months!

Just look at that happy girl!  That's the magic of graham crackers and a bumbo.

And here's Ryan, proudly displaying his tooth:

When Kelly came she brought with her this adorable quilt she made for baby girl.  Isn't it so perfect?  I love it, especially next to her coming home from the hospital outfit from Grandma!


This is getting real, people!   36 weeks on Saturday!  Woo!

So that was our awesome day.  Hope you enjoyed it almost as much as I did!


AnnaMarie said...

Cute quilt, super cute pregnant shot. I am glad you guys had such a great day!

Abbey said...

Alright, one question. Have you actually decided on a name? I was told Michael won the Uno match...

Caroline said...

Yes and no. Mostly yes. But I'm not solid enough for you to, say, put it on a quilt...