Sunday, February 17, 2013


Well, we are back from our awesome trip to Florida!  We had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa, and definitely loved the 80 degree weather.  It was such a nice break!

Since it will definitely take more than one post, here is a quick overview:

 We left on Thursday evening, and got in pretty late!  The kids did great on the flight, mainly because Calvin and Sophie were sitting by Grandma and Grandpa, and Michael let Ryan play games on the computer.  I sat all by myself, and it was pretty amazing!

Anyways, we got in late, and got to our hotel just before midnight.  Bright and early Friday morning, Ryan headed off to Universal Studios with Luke, Grandma and Grandpa!  Michael and I let Calvin and Sophie sleep a little longer and then we headed off to the Animal Kingdom.  On Saturday, we all met up at the Magic Kingdom, which was crowded but awesome.  On Sunday Grandma and Grandpa left, and Michael and I gave the kids a rest day at the hotel and headed out to look around the Orlando Temple after taking Grandma and Grandpa to the airport.  After naps we played games at the hotel and got to bed early.  Monday we spent all day at the beach!  It was heavenly.  Then Tuesday (Ryan's 7th birthday!!!) we flew home!

We all had such a great time.  The kids did great for running on little sleep and being dragged around everywhere, and we made some great family memories!

So today I'll just write about our Friday events--Universal Studios and Animal Kingdom.  Like I said, Ryan had an early start to his day with Grandma and Grandpa and Luke.  He actually stayed over at their hotel so they could get going by about 7:15 to pick up Luke and get over to the park when it opened.  Ryan had the best day of his life, I am pretty sure.  He and Luke got to do only "big kid" stuff all day and had Grandma and Grandpa all to themselves.  Grandma said that those boys just ate and ate and ate all day long, and I believe it!  They checked out the Harry Potter world, did Jurassic Park rides, and did all kinds of exciting, fun things that they would probably never get to do with their siblings in tow.  When Ryan came back to our hotel around 9:30, he was so very happy, yet so very exhausted.  His head hit the pillow and he was out!  It was a very happy day for little Mr. Ryan.  Here are some pictures my mom took of their day at Universal:

Here are Grandma, Luke and Ryan at Mel's Diner in Universal Studios:

And standing with Dr. Doom (I must be lame, I have no idea who this is...):

And I'm pretty sure this is them on Platform 9¾ ready to jump on the Hogwarts Express:

Here they are outside of Hogwarts, I think:

And probably buying some kind of Harry Potter treat:

Like I said, they had oh SO much fun!  And while they did, Michael and I and Sophie and Calvin were off having oh so much fun at the Animal Kingdom!  We started off going on the safari ride so that we could see the animals while they were out and active, instead of at nap time.  It was great, Calvin and Sophie had so much fun seeing the animals!  They loved the giraffes, elephants, crocodiles, rhinos, and all of the others they saw.  Calvin especially had a great time!

After the safari we headed towards the dinosaur land so we could go on a few rides there.  On the way, Michael and Calvin went on Mount Everest, which Calvin was a little scared of, but turned out being so proud of himself for riding it afterwards.  He kept talking about the Yeti and how they had to drive backwards to get away.  He had so much fun!  At dinosaur land, we all rode on a flying dino ride that the kids adored, and then Michael and Calvin went on the "Dinosaur" ride, about going back in time to try to save a dinosaur before an asteroid hits (that one scared Calvin a bit...) while Sophie fell asleep in the stroller!  She was out for about 2.5 or 3 hours, which was so awesome!  We did some nature walks and had some lunch while she slept, and the nature walks turned out to be some of my favorite parts.  It was cute watching Calvin listen to the guides and soak up all of the information.   He still talks about how flamingos love to live in clean water and how otters like to snuggle with their brothers and sisters and eat mice and snakes.

Sophie woke up from her nap just in time to get an up-close look at a hippo swimming underwater right by the big window we were standing by.  The kids loved the hippo and his tiny little furry tail.  Those things are so huge, it's crazy.  She also LOVED the tigers, but said again and again how glad she was that she couldn't go in where the tigers were and that they couldn't come get her.  Me too, Sophie, me too!  Next we headed over to the petting zoo and let the kids chase goats and pigs around, which they thought was great.  It was a really fun day!  We headed back to the hotel around dinner time and picked up a pizza and fed the kids and shipped them off to bed!  We had such a great time!

Here are some pictures from our day at Animal Kingdom:

This one's a little fuzzy, but here are Sophie and me on the safari ride:

And Michael and Calvin:

Sophie by the elephants!

Here we are on the flying dinosaur ride:

Calvin wanted to shake the T-rex's hand:

While Michael found something to eat and picked up a fast pass or two, Calvin and Sophie had a great time climbing all over this dinosaur:

Calvin in front of the Mount Everest ride.  See how proud he looks?

Sophie making kissy faces at Mr. Goat:

Calvin petting a goat:

I was so tired after walking around all day in my pretty pregnant state.  I had no idea what I was in for though, Saturday was SO much worse!  But we'll get to that later.  So here's the tired Mama belly shot from Friday:

Calvin with Rafiki:

Calvin fell asleep just like this.  It's like he was doing a little fist-pump in honor of the entire day.

So that was day #1!  Stay tuned for the rest!

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