Saturday, January 12, 2013

Still here!

I haven't blogged in a long time.  Sorry!  Life has been plenty busy and exciting, I have just been blog lazy.  Let me catch you up! 

We spent Christmas at our own house this year, which was a nice calm Christmas morning, and very lovely.  Later in the day we spent time with Kelly and Ken and their kids and Grandma and Grandpa Walton, which was fun as ever!  Grandpa and Grandma Walton surprised the kids with a trip to Disney World in February for their Christmas present and let me tell you, the kids are ecstatic.  And I'm not too sad to spend a few days in Florida in February either!  It was a lovely day spending time all together, but a long evening after putting the kids to bed, since we were getting all ready to drive up to Ironwood on the morning of the 26th!

We had such a nice visit in Ironwood.  It was so great to spend time with everyone who was home.  It was a full house, and we loved it.  Lots of people to play with!  We had James and his girlfriend Miranda there, Abbey and Spencer, Benjamin and Chrsity, Grandpa and Lubiana.  Everyone was so good to spend time with the kids, and they adored all of the attention, as usual!  On the evening of the 26th we opened presents there and then mostly hung around home, went sledding, went ice skating, and played together for the days we were there.  So much fun to be all together!

We actually got to spend 8 days up there, and it was nice to be there for longer than our standard 2 day trip :)  Well, nice for us.  I hope it was nice for everyone else, too!  We had fun celebrating New Years Eve with lots of treats, games and waking the kids up just before midnight to bang pots and pans when the ball dropped.  It was fun, and then I promptly went to bed!

We came home on the 3rd, just in time for AnnaMarie to invite us over for dinner.  That girl has the energy of a million superheros and the patience of Job, I tell you.  I have a mounting list of IOU's for her.  More on that later.  Anyways, it was so great not to cook dinner right after a long drive and very fun to get all together.  I also started piano lessons that afternoon, which was fun!  I'm excited to get more proficient!

Benjamin left for Utah on the 4th (James, Miranda, Abbey and Spencer left on New Years Day) and Ryan headed back to school, so vacation was officially over!  And Michael enjoyed his last couple of days before starting his new job!  It was a great break.

On Monday, it was back to real life with Michael starting his new job at Flatrock Geographic in St. Paul (he's really enjoyed it so far!), and with me taking the kids to the doctor since Ryan was sick.  An ear infection and strep throat.  So he was off school again on Monday and Tuesday, and we had low-key days at home, which I honestly really enjoyed!  A sick/whiney/sad Ryan always reminds me what a great kid he is the rest of the time.  The whiney/sad behavior is par for the course for Calvin these days, but it's very rare for Ryan.  And I didn't help things by making him sit outside our house for an hour because I locked myself out of the house when we were all trying to get out the door for Calvin's preschool.  This was right after the doctors appointment on Monday.  UGH!  Lesson learned, hide a key outside.  AnnaMarie was good enough to find a last minute babysitter for her napping kids and come to the rescue (another IOU!) so it all worked out. 

Ryan was feeling much better by Tuesday afternoon, so he headed back to school again on Wednesday.  Thursday we got together with a bunch of friends and kids for a little play date which was so much fun!  I need to do those more often!  Also right before and after said play date, AnnaMarie shuttled me back and forth from the car dealership while one of our stow and go seats got fixed.  Oh, and then Katie threw up all over her car.  IOU once again!

Friday was a fun day, too, and we spent the morning hanging out with AnnaMarie and another friend.  Well, it was fun until I got home and put the kids down for a nap and then thought my water had broken.  I called my doctor's office to talk to the nurse and after telling her everyhting that was going on (possible water breaking, a few days of increased contractions, lower back pain) she said there were no other appoinments at the clinic for the day so I needed to get to the hospital to get checked out.  Then I lost it and started freaking out.  AnnaMarie to the rescue again!  She picked up Ryan from school, came and got Calvin and Sophie, and took them all back to her house for playing, dinner, popcorn and a movie while Michael and I spent the evening at the hospital.  Oh, and also my water didn't break after all and everything's fine.  This happened once while I was pregnant with Calvin, and it's just SO embarassing for some reason.  But I am very very glad that this little girl is not coming yet.  26 weeks is much too early.  Hence a lot of my hysteria yesterday. 

Anyways, all's well that ends well, and we picked up the kids around 7:30 from AnnaMarie's.  That was one GIGANTIC IOU.  And in case you're wondering, yes, I have started plotting (most likely inadequate) ways to pay her back.  Sorry, AnnaMarie! Feel free to stop answering the phone when I call! 

So that has been our busy busy last couple of weeks!  And now, for some pictures!

 Sophie putting on her new apron that Abbey made for her.  Abbey made one for each of the kids, and they are so amazing!  She is one talented girl!

James and Miranda helping Sophie open some presents.

Calvin opening presents!

Sophie with her apron and Abbey and Spencer:

Calvin LOVED his apron, can you tell?

It's a shark!

He also loved his lego Mater truck from James and Miranda:

Not sure what this present is actually called, but you can make electricity go through it and light it up using your body.  Ryan LOVED it!

Calvin's best present ever--Jake and the Neverland Pirates boat!!!!

Ryan's octopus apron.  Seriously, Abbey?  So amazing!

Calvin assembling Mater:

Ryan and his apron and Abbey:

Janny getting mobbed by the kids:

All of the kids with Abbey and Spencer and their aprons:

Ryan ready to go ice skating:

Ryan skating with Christy and Michael:

Me and Michael skating with Sophie:

Sophie putting on her chapstick from Janny:

Lubiana did Sophie's nails, and Sophie was so thrilled!  Thanks, Lubiana!

Making monkey bread with Benjamin:

Out New Years Eve treats:

Finished monkey bread!

Sophie adored the bath paints from Janny:

Grandpa reading books with the kids:

Sophie also loved her crown from Janny:

Ryan building a block village back at home:

 Sophie and I set up the crib for the baby, complete with the lovely bedding a friend gave us:

She is really excited!

And AnnaMarie feeding the boys.  This is a funny sight!  They squirm all over her!


Amber said...

I'm so glad your water wasn't broken! And how fun to have a disney trip to look forward too. Congrats to Michael on a new job--exciting! Glad you're doing well!

AnnaMarie said...

I would do anything for you, Caroline. You've saved me just as many times as I've helped you. I was recently reading over my March 2012 blog...pretty sure we wouldn't have survived without you!

I love those aprons!

Lindsey Hicks said...

So are you having another girl?

Elizabeth said...

Yikes!!! I'm so glad it was a false alarm! Take it easy, you crazy kid. I wish I was there to take the kids off your hands so you could rest more. :(
Also, jealous of the Disney trip!!!
Miss you!