Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ice Fishing

Caroline left me with the kids this morning. The kids have been wanting to go ice fishing for a while, so we did. We went to Moore lake here in Fridley.

As we got there someone else was leaving so we used the holes they had drilled out. The kids lasted almost an hour drinking hot chocolate and bobbing their bait up and down.

Here's what they have to say about Ice Fishing.

I must say this do something to play. I did do thing. I didn't walk in the cold water.I didn't go ice swimming.

I dropped my fishing line 3 feed deep in the ice. I got to make an ice jet pack while we were moving. with Sophie. and I sat on a sled and fished. I saw a tent. I was pretending that a fish jumped out of the water and swam on the ice into the hole, but it was really my bait and we didn't catch anything.

I'm not really an expert about it. How you ice fish is you make a hole in the ice and you just drop your fishing line down in the hole.  I drank of a bunch of hot chocolate. Somebody else who was ice fishing made the holes but they left because their son accidentally stepped in the water from ice fishing and his foot got all cold. We just waited there and nobody else was ice fishing but two other people. Just when you're done ice fishing then you go back home. Really I got kind of bored.

When Calvin says he made an ice jet-pack, he means he dragged his hands along the ground while I pulled him on the sled and made the snow fly up.

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