Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A great day!

Today was a lovely day.  I've been wanting to do something special with Sophie while the boys were at school, so today after dropping off Ryan, we picked up some donuts and surprised AnnaMarie and the kids for breakfast.  Then I took her girls home with me with their favorite fancy dresses and we did hair, makeup and nails and had ourselves a tea party!  The girls had sooooo much fun.  It always makes me wonder why I don't do things like this more often! 

We started off by printing off some princess coloring sheets while they took turns having their hair done.  Katie and Jane certainly have more to work with than Sophie!  They all wanted their hair down and curly, so that's what we did!  They were so thrilled when I broke out the makeup, especially when I had 3 different lipsticks to choose from.  Katie squealed, "Eeeek!  We can CHOOSE!!!" 

Then we had ourselves a little tea party and they were all three very excited to pour their own juice all by themselves.  I was very impressed, Katie even kept her pinky up the entire time!  Our tea party was a little rushed, since we had to get Calvin from preschool at noon, but while I was getting everything together for us to leave, the girls treated me to a band!  What better way to end a tea party, right?  They played "The Farmer in the Dell", and it was just fabulous.

Then we picked up Calvin and headed back to AnnaMarie's house where we ate some lunch and then headed off to go swimming at the Andover YMCA.  We had such a great time!  6 kids is a lot at a pool, but we pulled it off!  It was a really lovely day!

Before I post pictures, I just have to share my 2 favorite quotes from today.  I was doing Katie's hair in my room and Sophie and Jane were playing on my bed.  Katie was telling me about how Abbey and Christy curled her hair 3 different times when she was up North for Christmas.  I said, "It sure is nice to have a Christy and an Abbey around, isn't it?"  Katie agreed, and then Jane piped up, "And it sure is nice to have a Caroline around!"  Jane's such a little sweetie, she just melted my heart!

Then when we picked up Calvin, he was VERY excited to see what the girls looked like after the girl party.  He told them all how nice they looked, especially Katie, who was sitting next to him in the back seat.  Then Katie and Calvin started playing "I spy" while we were driving.  After a while, Calvin says, "I spy something VERY pretty sitting right next to me!"  Katie squeals back, "I know!  It's ME!!!!!"  Love those kids!

And now for some pictures and videos!

The girls all ready to start their tea party:

Katie pouring:

Jane was also pretty proficient with the teapot:

I love this one.  Pinkies up!

Sophie was VERY excited:

Enjoying the party:

Three adorable little buddies:

And the band!  With Katie on piano, Sophie on snare drum, and Jane on glockenspiel!

Poor little Sophie's mascara ran all over her face at the pool.  First time for everything, I suppose!

AnnaMarie and a pile of boys!

Such a sweet video of Katie holding Aiden and singing to him.  The audio is kind of garbled, but she was singing "Hush Little Baby" and it was so cute!


AnnaMarie and the very wiggly boys!

Calvin showing off his mad dunking skills:


AnnaMarie said...

What a fabulous day. How thankful I am that you are so good to me! And that we can do stuff together so often. I love all those pictures and videos. You are the greatest.

ThePalmers said...

You are way too much fun Caroline. I miss you more and more all the time! I'm so glad AnnaMarie has you so close. :)