Saturday, December 22, 2012

Michael's Got a Brand New Bag

Caroline gave me an early Christmas present!

I got a new laptop recently and needed a case for it. Caroline made me a really nice one out of my dad's old Army duffel bag.

It started out something like this:
Then like this:

And turned into this:

I wanted a top loading case so the case can stay in my backpack, and I'll just slide the laptop in and out of the top.

She used foam padding and some fuzzy but strong material for the inside. The handle stayed in its original position, but the eyelet and latch got cut and moved so they could close the flap.

 On the back side of the case is a pocket that will fit the charger, or a notebook or whatever. If you look closely under the handle you can see it still says "MOORE" from when my dad used it.


The material is thick canvas, and that with the foam and inside liner was nearly too thick for her sewing machine. She had to manually turn the wheel on the machine sometimes to give it a little encouragement. She worked hard on this thing and it turned out just how I wanted it!

This is definitely my best Christmas present this year!


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That turned out really well! You are amazing, Caroline.