Friday, October 19, 2012

Who did we loan our power paint roller to?

Once upon a time we had a Wagner Power Roller (for painting, it's a paint roller with a paint bucket attached) and we loaned it to someone. Probably someone who reads this blog. Except we can't remember who. If you have it, can you let us know?


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

3's Company

These kids are at such great ages right now!  Not necessarily always easy, and certainly not always well -behaved, but I really do love our life right now.  The kids play together so well, they all take turns being the good ones and the difficult ones, and they all have their own strengths and quirks and things I really just adore about them. 

It will be fun to see what a fourth thrown into the mix will do (fun, right??? right???).  They are all excited about the new baby.  Sophie likes to remind us of things we all already know, like "Mom, you're a girl!" and "My toothbrush is orange!"  Lately she has added "Mom, there is a baby growing in your tummy and on my birthday it will come out and I will hold it and it will say 'Hi!'"  Calvin and Ryan are constantly thinking up names to suggest to me and saying other random things about the baby.  And whenever I am eating something when they are not, Calvin says "Mom, you're eating that for the baby, right??"  Yeah...for the baby...right...They are all pretty excited.  And Ryan is pretty relieved that I'm feeling better.  It was hard not telling him, because he was really truly worried about me for the 6 weeks that i felt awful.  He would get this really worried tone and say things like "Mom, why aren't you feeling better yet?  Do the doctors know what's wrong with you?  When will you get better?  What did the doctor say?"  It was sweet, but I felt bad not being able to tell him what was going on.  He's a sweet boy.

They have all been good helpers and good snugglers and just really good kids lately for the most part, and I have been loving it!  I feel so blessed and lucky to have such great kids.  Here's a little update on each of them:

-loves her purple dog and her kitty cat from Janny and snuggles them every night.
-loves to play "family" with anything and everything.  Dinosaurs, pieces of paper, cars...
-has a goldfish named Captain Pete who lives in her room.  She LOVES to feed him and watch him nibble his food.
-plays extremely well with Calvin when Ryan is at school.  They are so cute together.
-once while sitting with Michael and Sophie, I had done something that merited an eye-roll from Michael, and I teasingly said to Sophie "Sophie, Mommy complicated Daddy's life."  Sophie now repeats this to me all the time, but her tone is more of a scold, "Mom, you complicated Daddy's life!"
-LOVES nuts
-still laughs the best/longest/loudest for her Daddy.
-is downright rude to pretty much everyone outside of our immediate family when they say hi to her, ask her if she would like something, or basically interact with her in any way.  There are a few exceptions, but not many.  She gives them this glare combined with a pouty lip and usually runs and buries her head into my legs.
-loves the color purple and anything with polka dots.

-loves race cars, talking about race cars, imagining things race cars would do if they were right here, and pointing out any cars that go by with spoilers or dual exhaust pipes. 
-snuggles his doggie and the bear that was given to him by my MBA girls when he was born.  He named him Raspberry. 
-Still has his same old stormy Calvin face when he doesn't get his way, which seems like most of the time (I'm guessing, from the frequency of it).
-Still strikes a pose before he runs and works his elbows like crazy while running, just like he always has.
-has a really good memory.
-quotes movies and talks about movies more than anyone I know.  And he doesn't even watch movies very often!  It kind of worries me.
-is such a giving little boy.  Usually if he has something and Sophie or Ryan (usually Ryan, because he can be such a stinker about certain things) want it, he gives it right up without a second thought.  It is very sweet.  Although I really do think he is just enabling Ryan to throw his little fits...
-loves to snuggle when he wakes up.  He is my best snuggler.

-is getting really really good at Spanish.  The other day he said. "You know Mom, I think I'm getting to the point where I'm just going to start speaking only Spanish to my family."  Then he goes off in Spanish.  I don't speak Spanish, by the way.
-is getting really good at math and adding and figuring things out.
-always has a plan for something he wants to build.  The other day he and Calvin were discussing the specs for a cage they wanted to build for a grasshopper they found in our front yard.  It sounded like it was going to be about 5 feet long, 7 feet wide, and 6 feet tall, so the grasshopper would have enough room to jump around.  Here was going to be a window with no glass near the ceiling so they could feed him and check on him, but high enough so that he couldn't escape.
-always seems to remember about his homework right after I've tucked him into bed.
-takes really really good care of Sophie.  He is a great big brother to her.
-Calvin is his best friend.  They have so much fun playing together.  it makes me really happy.
-loves to race people, especially when he thinks he can win.  Turns out he has a pretty inflated sense of self esteem, because he always thinks he can win, therefore he always wants to race.
-seriously can NOT leave the bathroom after brushing his teeth until he has spit, gargled for a good long while, spit again, and then gotten a nice long drink.  Do not interrupt this process.  You will pay for it.
-has a grand plan for if he ever encounters any bad guys.  He always says, "I'll just tell them 'Hey, I'm on your side!  I'm a bad guy, too!' And then they'll believe me, and then we can all just run away!"
-is so grown up these days I can hardly stand it.

So that's my kid update.  They are awesome, and I wouldn't trade them for the world.  Now here are some fun pictures from my photo shoot with them on Monday:

I think Sophie's serious little face is funny.  And I love that she really wanted to hold Ryan's hand.

They can pretty much all smile on command at the same time.  This may never happen again in my life!

Typical personality shot:

I really liked this one:

Calvin's face in this one totally cracks me up:

Love these little sweethearts:

This one is already hanging on my wall.  I love it!

Little Sophie girl is growing up!

Love those blue, blue eyes:

I love this one!

What's this? A genuine Calvin smile??

This kid is getting too old too fast!

I sure love these guys!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Sorry for the lack of updates.  I spent the majority of August and September laying on the couch with one of these things strapped to my head.  I occasionally even left the house with it strapped on.  Sophie lovingly referred to it as my "blue coldie".  It helped a little with the headaches, but I was pretty much out for the count.  I've never felt that way before while pregnant, so this had better be one really awesome kid.  Anyways, I digress, here is what we were up to in September, when I finally dragged myself off the couch:

On the first weekend of September we went camping with a bunch of friends and had such a great time!  The kids had a ball and slept great in the tent, Michael snuck in some fishing, and I had fun hanging out with friends.  It was a really nice little trip!

Then Ryan and Michael started school, which I already blogged about, but they are both liking school and doing well, so all is well there.  But I haven't blogged about Calvin starting preschool.   He loves it, of course!  And I'm finding that the more school days that go by, the more often he comes home telling me happy fun things from school instead of who hit him, which snack he didn't get, yada yada yada (in case you didn't know, Calvin basically = perpetually grumpy).  So that's a big step for him!  He likes his teachers and loves doing the songs and dances at school.

The third week in September, my parents  Sophie and Calvin home with them for an entire week!  With the way I had been feeling, it was just so amazing to get some sleep and not have to really do anything for a few days.  My parents are the best!  Calvin and Sophie had the time of their lives, and Ryan put on a brave face missing out on the fun.  I did let him have a friend over to play and did some other fun things with him to make up for it.  And on Friday I went to the Mall of America with Kelly and went clothes shopping and out to lunch.  It was so great.  She asked how I was, and I said "I'm, it's so weird!"  And it was. So, I know we don't appreciate certain things until we have moved on and things change, but has anyone ever realized how EASY it is to have one kid who can do everything for themselves and no one else to worry about??  I didn't have to lift a finger, my house stayed clean, and I didn't take out the trash or do a load of laundry all week--and not because I was being lazy, because there was no need!  It was crazy.

-Other big news from that week-- we bought a minivan!  We found a good deal on it (I think?  Who even knows!) and so far we're loving it.  It's a 2012 Dodge Caravan.  So yippee!

We've spent fun times with cousins, gone to parks, celebrated lots of cousin birthdays, collected fall leaves for crafts, and had an all around pretty great month.  Here are some pictures of all the fun!

 Pictures from our camping trip!  Calvin loved our friends' dog, Charlie, SO much:

Michael with his wide-mouthed bass!

Calvin checking out just how wide that mouth is: 

Sophie LOVED playing with Jillian and Addie, and one of their favorite things to do was  sit in these chairs together:

 Calvin caught a fish!

Ryan sure tried hard...

And Sophie loved climbing in this tent box!

Not sure what Calvin is doing, but I thought it was a funny picture!

These two were completely exhausted by the ride home

Calvin's first day of preschool!  He set out his clothes like this all by himself.  He was so excited to wear his new t-shirt!

A great big 4 year old!

While Calvin and Sophie were gone, Michael would do cute little things for Ryan.  One morning Ryan and I woke up to breakfast laid out for us.  Isn't Michael creative?

 Here I am getting my two little lovebugs back from Grandma and Grandpa's house.  I really missed them and was so glad to have everyone back together! 

And in other big news, Sophie had her first ponytail!  This is huge.  Well, tiny, but huge!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Well, mostly just one.  But it's a good one!