Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Best Kind of Apples

I've got class on Monday nights, so we did Family Home Evening last night. Last night Caroline bought some of all 10 kinds of apples that the grocery store had and we had an apple taste testing night!

Each apple had a scorecard next to it with everyone's name on it and 5 stars the person could color in.

Caroline also made her brown sugar and cream cheese dip to eat with the apples.

Sophie didn't want to color in any score cards, and Ryan gave all but one of them a 5.

Here are the scores:

AppleScore (out of 5)RyanCalvinMichaelCaroline
Avg Score4.943.22.8
Honey Crisp4.335544
Pink Lady3.50534
Granny Smith3.335523
Golden Delicious3.00533
Red Delicious1.675311

So there you have it, Jazz apples are the best, and Red Delicious are the worst. 'Nuff said.


Dad said...

Hey. We used to eat Red Delicious apples all the time when you were growing up. Wait a minute, you never said they were bad. You had a bad childhood.

Lindsey Hicks said...

Man, Caroline is a tough grader. I loved me a Cortland apple back in Ithaca but Cortland was only 20 minutes away so maybe they were more fresh? This FHE is the coolest thing ever though. Bryan and I often discuss how we aspire to be you guys.

Michael said...

It's way easier to Family Home Evening once kids are old enough to participate.

Also, it's easier if you lower your standards. Our lessons are usually 5 minutes or less, and even that is too long for the kids some times!