Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good Times

We have been having some really great times lately.  Sometimes I just look around at my life and feel so grateful and happy.  That's how these pictures make me feel!  Also right now Michael is playing a recording of 3 year old Ryan singing the song "Edelweiss", back when he couldn't say his L's or R's, and that makes me smile extra big.  I sure love my family and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have them and to spend my time with them all day, every day.  Like today, we went to Eagan, I hung out with Kelly and the kids.  We took them all swimming at their neighborhood pool, and the kids had SO much fun.  Sophie would jump so high and so far from the edge into my arms in the pool and had the most gigantic smile on her face.  She wasn't scared at all.  Kelly, me, Luke and Ryan had a cannonball competition, and Calvin played "Mommy seal and baby seal" with me pretty much the whole time.  They were just having so much fun, and I love soaking up those fun moments of childhood with them.  Michael and I sure are lucky!

Here are some pictures from the last couple of months:

A lunch at Burger King with grandma and grandpa!  This was hours after Mom got out of the hospital and hours before arriving in North Dakota to start her new job.  My mom's a superhero.

Me and Calvin hanging out at one of Ryan's softball game:

Sophie is such a goof. 

Me and my Sophie girl:

Calvin's favorite passtime at softball games was standing on Michael's hands and jumping off:

Calvin is a good helper with our garden veggies:

I like this picture:

Christy was really brave to hold up this hula hoop while the boys tried to toss the frisbee through it.  They don't have very good aim, and I'm sure she took a few for the team.

Christy is the best!

And last, but not least, Michael, my Dad, the kids and I made it out to Wyoming in July for Vicki's baptism!  It was such a cool experience.  Vicki has pretty much been my grandma for the last 20 years, and I love her so much!  It was so wonderful to be there.

Like I said, we are very blessed and lucky!


AnnaMarie said...

Great post. It makes me happy. You do have an awesome life and and an awesome family. I love how Calvin is cutting carrots with scissors.

Elizabeth said...

Uh, is it just me, or is Sophie just a tiny, blonde version of you? Holy Moly!