Thursday, August 9, 2012

Beach Day!

Kelly is on maternity leave and we have been living it up lately!  It has been so much fun to get together and let the kids go wild.  On Monday we drove down to Eagan to go swimming at Schulze beach and it was SO great. We stayed there from 10 until 3 and loved every minute.  To make things even better, AnnaMarie and her friend brought the kids down, and Kelly's friend brought her mother and her four kids, so we had a great time all hanging out together and chatting and had lots of hands to help!  It was such a great day!

The beach has these awesome huge built-in umbrellas for shade, and as we were pulling up, there was one umbrella left unclaimed.  I hollered at Ryan to run as fast as he could and sit down by that umbrella (there were other people pulling up just after us), and it worked!  Also, Ryan was nothing but pleased to show off his amazing speed.  So we scored the awesome umbrella and had a great place to relax while the kids played.  We had lots of snacks, lots of sand toys and lots of sun (I did put sunscreen on the kids like 5 times, but they still burnt to a crisp, poor guys!).  Calvin's favorite part was trying to catch the minnows.  Sophie LOVED splashing around with Lily and Jane, and Ryan was all about the sand castles.  It was such a great day. 

At one point Sophie was upset about something and I had her come sit on my lap.  I was chatting with everyone and not paying much attention for a while, and then I looked down and what do you know!  She was fast asleep in my arms, floaties and all!  I managed to wrangle them off of her without waking her up, and then we had a good hour-long snuggle while I watched the boys play.  Life doesn't get much better than that!

Anyways, thanks for inviting us down, Kelly!  It was a perfectly beautiful day!

Look at this kid. Isn't he huge??  I love the face he is making.

 Lily is such a happy little lady.  Here she is decked out in her life jacket:

The kids playing around:

 Sophie just loved Lily to pieces:

And so does Jane:

I love these three girls together SO much!  They are so much fun!

Kelly snuggling baby Cora:

Calvin, Katie and Ryan digging away!

Sophie upset:

Ans Sophie asleep!!!

The kids made a pretty awesome mote and sandcastle:

 Complete with hot tub:

Burgers and nuggets for lunch made for some happy campers:

What little cheeseballs!

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