Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Great Week for Ryan!

Ryan has had some big accomplishments recently.  He had his last softball game of the season in late July, and then had his tournament in early August.  He kept talking and talking about how "if my team WINS, then we get a TROPHY!!!!  Do you think we will win EVERY GAME in the tournament???"  They have been playing the same 3 teams all summer, and Ryan's team didn't really strike me as the team to beat, if you know what I mean.  Grandpa and Christy were in town, so they came to his game on Saturday the 4th, and so did AnnaMarie and the kids, so he had a good-sized cheer squad, which was really fun!  He did a great job, and we were proud of him!

The final game of the tournament, though, ended up being scheduled for Sunday.  (Background: we make it a point in our family to do our best to keep the Sabbath day holy, so we don't shop on Sundays, don't work to earn money on Sundays, don't play sports on Sundays, and generally try to engage in activities that are uplifting or service-oriented, as well as attend church on Sundays.)  I had a talk with Ryan and asked him what he wanted to do.  He said he didn't want to play in the game on Sunday, even though I told him he might not get a trophy if he didn't play in the final game.  I thought that was pretty brave of him, and I was proud that he would make the choice that he thought was right, even when it might mean giving something up that was also important to him.

Turns out his team DID win the whole tournament, and Ryan still got a trophy and a medal.  He was so excited that he was literally speechless, which is definitely out of character for Ryan!  He was SO happy!

To make the week even better, he went to his very last swim lesson on that next Monday, and they were testing their skills to see if they could pass to the next class.  It was right after our great but long day at the beach in Eagan (we went straight from there to the pool...), and Ryan had a pretty nasty sunburn on his back.  He climbed in the pool and said it hurt and then sat on the edge sobbing.  I told him it was ok if he wanted to just go home, but this was his last chance to try and pass the class.  He thought about it for a minute, and then decided that he really wanted to try and pass it (a feat that I was pretty sure he wasn't very close to accomplishing).  He kept getting stuck on the back stroke, because he kept leaning his head back too far, getting water up his nose, and then freaking out.  So I had a little chat with him about just blowing the water back out of his nose.  Turns out that was all the encouragement he needed, because right after that he passed every skill they asked him to do!  So Ryan is no longer a polliwog.  He is now a trout, and he couldn't be more proud!

It's been fun watching Ryan succeed in softball and swimming.  He is so proud of himself, and it's adorable!  In addition to those great things, we also had a family moustache dinner (thank you Liz and Erik!), I took the kids for a bike ride (Calvin and Sophie in the trailer and Ryan riding along) at a nearby park with plenty of puddles to ride through and Ryan had the time of his life making BIG splashes with his bike, and we made it to the zoo today!  Lots of good things happening for Ryan (and us!) this last little while.  Way to go, buddy!  We're proud of you!

Here's Ryan at his last softball game.  He got to dye (spray) his hair orange with the rest of his team!  Go tigers!

Little orange heads all in a row...

Ryan (and Sophie) with Grandpa and Christy:

 Ryan's cheering section:

Ryan with his championship trophy and medal:

Family moustache dinner night!

Happy Ryan after our bike ride with puddle splashes all up his back:

On a (fake) tortoise at the zoo!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good Times

We have been having some really great times lately.  Sometimes I just look around at my life and feel so grateful and happy.  That's how these pictures make me feel!  Also right now Michael is playing a recording of 3 year old Ryan singing the song "Edelweiss", back when he couldn't say his L's or R's, and that makes me smile extra big.  I sure love my family and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have them and to spend my time with them all day, every day.  Like today, we went to Eagan, I hung out with Kelly and the kids.  We took them all swimming at their neighborhood pool, and the kids had SO much fun.  Sophie would jump so high and so far from the edge into my arms in the pool and had the most gigantic smile on her face.  She wasn't scared at all.  Kelly, me, Luke and Ryan had a cannonball competition, and Calvin played "Mommy seal and baby seal" with me pretty much the whole time.  They were just having so much fun, and I love soaking up those fun moments of childhood with them.  Michael and I sure are lucky!

Here are some pictures from the last couple of months:

A lunch at Burger King with grandma and grandpa!  This was hours after Mom got out of the hospital and hours before arriving in North Dakota to start her new job.  My mom's a superhero.

Me and Calvin hanging out at one of Ryan's softball game:

Sophie is such a goof. 

Me and my Sophie girl:

Calvin's favorite passtime at softball games was standing on Michael's hands and jumping off:

Calvin is a good helper with our garden veggies:

I like this picture:

Christy was really brave to hold up this hula hoop while the boys tried to toss the frisbee through it.  They don't have very good aim, and I'm sure she took a few for the team.

Christy is the best!

And last, but not least, Michael, my Dad, the kids and I made it out to Wyoming in July for Vicki's baptism!  It was such a cool experience.  Vicki has pretty much been my grandma for the last 20 years, and I love her so much!  It was so wonderful to be there.

Like I said, we are very blessed and lucky!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Beach Day!

Kelly is on maternity leave and we have been living it up lately!  It has been so much fun to get together and let the kids go wild.  On Monday we drove down to Eagan to go swimming at Schulze beach and it was SO great. We stayed there from 10 until 3 and loved every minute.  To make things even better, AnnaMarie and her friend brought the kids down, and Kelly's friend brought her mother and her four kids, so we had a great time all hanging out together and chatting and had lots of hands to help!  It was such a great day!

The beach has these awesome huge built-in umbrellas for shade, and as we were pulling up, there was one umbrella left unclaimed.  I hollered at Ryan to run as fast as he could and sit down by that umbrella (there were other people pulling up just after us), and it worked!  Also, Ryan was nothing but pleased to show off his amazing speed.  So we scored the awesome umbrella and had a great place to relax while the kids played.  We had lots of snacks, lots of sand toys and lots of sun (I did put sunscreen on the kids like 5 times, but they still burnt to a crisp, poor guys!).  Calvin's favorite part was trying to catch the minnows.  Sophie LOVED splashing around with Lily and Jane, and Ryan was all about the sand castles.  It was such a great day. 

At one point Sophie was upset about something and I had her come sit on my lap.  I was chatting with everyone and not paying much attention for a while, and then I looked down and what do you know!  She was fast asleep in my arms, floaties and all!  I managed to wrangle them off of her without waking her up, and then we had a good hour-long snuggle while I watched the boys play.  Life doesn't get much better than that!

Anyways, thanks for inviting us down, Kelly!  It was a perfectly beautiful day!

Look at this kid. Isn't he huge??  I love the face he is making.

 Lily is such a happy little lady.  Here she is decked out in her life jacket:

The kids playing around:

 Sophie just loved Lily to pieces:

And so does Jane:

I love these three girls together SO much!  They are so much fun!

Kelly snuggling baby Cora:

Calvin, Katie and Ryan digging away!

Sophie upset:

Ans Sophie asleep!!!

The kids made a pretty awesome mote and sandcastle:

 Complete with hot tub:

Burgers and nuggets for lunch made for some happy campers:

What little cheeseballs!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fourth of July

I'm sitting here on my couch in my gym clothes listening to a symphony of crying children.  Ok, really just two crying children, but they are adept at sounding like way more than just two, especially when they are yelling.  We were going to go right to they gym after we dropped Ryan off at summer school, but instead they were so crabby that I just couldn't handle it and brought them back home and stuck them promptly in bed for a nap.  They woke up an hour and a half ago, by the way.  But such is life, I guess.  And now I have some unexpected free time, so I thought maybe I would finally blog about our Fourth of July celebrations!

We had a great fourth of July up in Ironwood.  Marianne, Seth and William were able to come up, and so were AnnaMarie and the kids, so we had all 8 of the Moore grandchildren together, which was very exciting!  William was such a sweetheart, and it was a lot of fun to see him and Marianne and Seth again.  We completely took over Grandpa's house with 8 little kids running around, but Grandpa, Christy and Carolin were all very good sports.

On the 3rd we did most of the traditional 4th of July stuff.  We went over to visit Brett and Sherry, which was lovely, and then we headed over to Sunday Lake.  We had a picnic and the kids ran and played at the park and snacked and drew on the sidewalk with chalk and wielded the light sabers that Janny bought for them for hours and hours.  Seriously, I think we were there waiting for the fireworks for like 6 hours.  It was incredibly hot, but a lot of fun!  At dusk we did our own sparklers and little fireworks, and the kids went crazy for them.  The fireworks were beautiful and definitely worth the wait.  I have never been in Ironwood over the 4th, and I have to say that Sunday Lake is my new favorite place to watch fireworks.  They are so beautiful over the lake.  The kids loved them, especially Ryan, who was mesmerized.  Katie was probably the funniest, though.  She would run off to "catch" the fireworks and bring them back to the rest of us.  It's great to be a kid, hey?  After the fireworks we headed back to Grandpa's house and got everybody snuggled into bed.

On the actual 4th of July we went to a parade and watched Christy march in the band and play her Saxophone, and the kids got WAY too much candy.  They were so excited.  I thought the people who threw popsicles were brilliant, although by the time they got to us they were mostly melted... Anyways, we had a great time watching Christy and watching the parade.  The rest of the afternoon was spent making my kids take naps because after dinner Michael and I took them on a hike to Sandstone Falls, which was so perfect, because there were tons of little wading pools off the river for the kids to play and swim in.  It was beautiful, and perfect weather, and a great way to wrap up the 4th of July!  We got the kids in bed early so we could have at least a shot at a peaceful ride home the next day.

Anyways, it was a fantastic 4th of July, and we loved spending time with family.  Thanks for having us, Grandpa!

Here are about a million pictures from our festivities.  Sorry, when I get behind, I don't separate all of the posts like I should, so I whittled the pictures down to 61 keepers!

 All 8 Moore grandkids!

 Ryan getting to know William:

Calvin, making sure to support William's head!

Uncle Seth and cousin WIlliam:

Calvin, lovin' him some babies!

 Three adorable baby boy cousins:

Auntie Janny and Aiden at our picnic at Sunday Lake:

The kids loved their treat bags from Brett and Sherry.  The sidewalk chalk was a big hit:

Jane was especially excited about it:

And the bug catcher/magnifying glasses were also a big hit, so thanks, Brett and Sherry!

Ryan and Daddy:

Katie is a monkey bar professional:

 Sophie took apart as many bug catcher/magnifying glasses as she could get her hands on, because she liked to do this with them:

Then Sophie shared them with me, so that was nice...

Sophie getting her hugs from cousin Katie:

Jane did this for hours:

All the Moore grandkids at Sunday Lake:

Me and my little buddy, Calvin:


Ryan and Calvin had so much fun trying to make those babies laugh.  Ryan did his donkey kick.  Classic.

Sophie and Jane climbing AND eating cotton candy.  

Jane was pretty excited about the cotton candy from Janny:

William, Jack and Aiden:

Not the best quality picture, but Ryan loved the sparklers :

Sophie warmed up to them slowly...

Classic Calvin:

But he overcame his fears and eventually had fun:

Katie had fun!

Me and Carolin (we miss you!!!)

Light sabers = big hit!  Thanks, Janny!

I love this one:

Sophie and Daddy:

AnnaMarie and the boys:

Christy and the girls:

Self portrait.  Sophie thought she was very funny.

Ryan loving the fireworks:

Michael and Sophie watching the fireworks:

Katie "catching" the fireworks for everybody:

At the parade on the fourth. Ryan was serious about waving that flag.  I think he thought it would get him more candy.

Sophie and her flag.  Thanks, Janny!  The kids really loved those flags!

Seth and William:

Janny and Jerry:

Calvin and his flag:

More AnnaMarie and the boys.  Can you tell she does this a lot?

Christy and her saxophone:

Calvin was super excited about the candy, can you tell?


More flag waving!

Michael and the kids at Sandstone Falls:

Michael showed the kids how to catch crayfish.  That little guy looks like he is waving at us:

Ryan finally got brave enough to hold one (I didn't. Surprised?)

He also found some rocks and really wanted me to take a picture of him:

Sophie in the wading pools:

Michael and Calvin checking out the water:

Me and Calvin by the falls:

3 little cuties at the falls: