Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cora Caroline :)

My beautiful new niece, Cora Caroline Barringer, was born on July 5th and she is such a sweet little doll.  Congratulations to Ken and Kelly!  It is such a wonderful feeling so hold a sweet brand new little baby in your arms.  I think its crazy that they always smell exactly the same, but just holding little Cora brought back all kinds of beautiful memories from those first few days with my own little peanuts.  Anyways, Cora is so very sweet, and we love her to pieces.

Me with beautiful little Cora:

The weekend of Cora's birth didn't exactly turn out as planned.  Well, it did for Cora and Kelly, that all went smoothly, thank goodness! The plan for the rest of us was that Michael and the kids and I would go to the Wisconsin Dells with my parents and my sister Danica and Ken and Kelly's other 3 kids and have a little vacation for a few days while Ken and Kelly were at the hospital with Cora. Instead on the very day that Cora was born, my poor mom was admitted just a couple of floors down for a stomach infection and had to end up staying 5 days!  Poor, poor mom was in so much pain!  I was down in Eagan already with Sophie and Calvin when my mom got admitted, and Michael was home with Ryan, so Michael and Ryan got some quality time for a day or so!  Danica, my Dad and I took turns watching the kids and going to the hospital to see Mom, Kelly and Cora on Thursday, and then Thursday night Danica and I took over so my dad could be at the hospital with my mom. Thus began a pretty long weekend of a million emotional and downright crazy children!  Michael and Ryan came on Friday and helped out, too, so that was a relief.

The big perk of the weekend was getting to spend a lot of time with Danica!  That was so much fun for me. I miss her!  But it was pretty crazy with all of the kids together.  On Saturday Michael, me,  Danica and my Dad took all of the kids to the Waterpark of America as a consolation prize for missing out on the Dells.  They had a really great time, and so did I!  It was awesome.  It did, however, make me just the teeniest bit glad we didn't end up going to the Dells for the weekend, because it is really stressful keeping track of that many kids at a waterpark!  But we all had a great time, so it was a success. 

Anyways, Kelly and Cora came home on Sunday and my mom was able to get out on Monday evening (just in time to drive to North Dakota on Tuesday to start her new job on Wednesday!  Poor mom!), so everyone is doing well!  Welcome to the world,and to our crazy family, Cora!  We love you bunches!

Here are some pictures:

Grandpa Walton and Cora:

Barringer, party of 6!

Just look at that sweet little face!

Getting love from her big siblings:

Meeting Aunt Danica:

Me meeting Cora:

A very tired Sophie sleeping on Danica at McDonald's:

Kelly snuggling  brand new Cora:

Ryan, Michael and Cora:

Ryan and Cora.  Ryan thinks babies are cute, but is only interested for a little while.

Calvin, on the other hand, ADORES babies and loves to talk to them and hold them and check out their little toes and everything for as long as you let him. Cora was no exception!

 Sophie, on the OTHER other hand, thinks babies are going to steal her mom or something, and so she is absolutely off her rocker whenever a baby is nearby.  She wants NOTHING to do with them.  I tried to get a picture of her with Cora and this is what happened:

And this is the face she made once she determined that she was at a safe distance.  Don't worry Cora, I'm sure Sophie will love you to pieces, too.  She just needs a little time.  It's not you, it's her.


Emily said...

The pictures of Calvin are precious!

AnnaMarie said...

OH, that little Calvin, what a sweetie. I like that guy. And great reaction from Sophie, too. What a crazy time for your family. Glad your mom is better!